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We are proud to produce this show with Dr. Nehemiah Mabry. An engineer, educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Mabry discusses the most interesting, inspirational and creative ideas in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) on his podcast, STEMedia, while highlighting prolific Black voices and accomplishments in the STEM community.

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Latest Episodes

Why organizational sustainability depends on its social intelligence, with Kelly Cooper

The Diversity Movement is hiring! Check out to learn more. Kelly Cooper has been involved in sustainable development her entire career, even representing Canada at the United Nations...

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Tedx speaker and Ablr CEO John Samuel on seeing his family for the first time, and his fear of judgment

When John Samuel realized he was losing his vision, he started to hide from others and from himself. He knew what was happening, but he didn’t want to admit...

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Restorative Justice and Repairing Ancestral Harm, with David Ryan Castro-Harris

When David Ryan Castro-Harris talks about restorative justice, it’s not only a practice, but also a philosophy and way to connect with our ancesotrs.  So what does restorative justice...

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Why accepting criticism sucks, and our personal Board of Directors: Conversations with Sisters

Courtney and Dana unpack last week’s episode (Apple Podcasts | Spotify) with Abbie Nwaocha from For Her Empire. They talk about lying on their resumes (and who would be...

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How to market your podcast, with Tink Media’s Lauren Passell

The work isn’t over after you press “upload” on your latest podcast episode. Marketing your podcast is essential to growing your show’s listenership, and Tink Media shares out-of-the-box marketing...

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Should wedding vendors require couples to hire a planner? Photographer Jillian Knight does

Back in 2019, photographer Jillian Knight asked me to coffee to talk about an idea she had for her business – requiring a planner at ALL of her events....

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24. Say Goodbye to Clutter, with Hello Clutter’s Sarah Valeri

If there’s one thing that can cause overwhelm, overstimulation, and stress in a household, it’s clutter. Sarah Valeri from Hello Clutter has made it her business to make homes...

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Anti-racism and the Theory of Racelessness, with Dr. Sheena Mason

Through her traumatic and abusive childhood, Sheena Mason found her safe haven in school and literature. Her thirst for knowledge and escape led her down the path of consuming...

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