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We are proud to produce this show with Dr. Nehemiah Mabry. An engineer, educator and entrepreneur, Dr. Mabry discusses the most interesting, inspirational and creative ideas in the fields of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) on his podcast, STEMedia, while highlighting prolific Black voices and accomplishments in the STEM community.

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How Hip Hop Producer Lisa Cunningham Remixed her Career to Human Rights Influencer

The Diversity Movement is hiring! Check out to learn more. Lisa Cunningham started in hip hop, ultimately producing music videos for artists such as Ludacris, Missy Elliott, and...

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Conducting Hyper-Efficient Wetland Delineations

Today, we dive deep into some of the preferred new Wetland Data Ecosystem workflows for delineations and assessments, Wetland prediction models, GNSS receivers, field data collection, field mapping, and...

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The masks we wear and why we need to keep failing: Conversations with Sisters

On last week’s episode (Apple Podcasts | Spotify), Ablr CEO John Samuel opened up about the masks he wore while losing his vision. Today, Dana and Courtney discuss the...

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Podcasting for higher education, with NC State Poole College’s Jenny Hammond

The chief marketing officer at NC State’s Poole College of Management, Jenny Hammond knew she would be the best host for their new Poole Podcast—but she was nervous. After...

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Is What They Say about HBCUs Fact or Fiction?

Alright everyone, today we’re going to talk about HBCUs – Historically Black Colleges and Universities. You’ve probably heard a lot of misconceptions and stereotypes around what HBCUs are all...

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Professional Etiquette Tips for Wedding Pros, with Lisa Lyons

If you’re looking to feel more confident going into your consults during this extremely busy time of year, check out our new freebie, The Ultimate Sales and Consult Guide...

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How to protect your startup Intellectual Property (IP), with Trevor Schmidt

Trevor Schmidt is guesting today to talk all about intellectual property – the different kinds of IP, mistakes he sees startups making, and the IP steps you should take...

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Why organizational sustainability depends on its social intelligence, with Kelly Cooper

The Diversity Movement is hiring! Check out to learn more. Kelly Cooper has been involved in sustainable development her entire career, even representing Canada at the United Nations...

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