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Podcasting for Business

For too long, podcasting has been a completely under-utilized marketing platform for businesses. At Earfluence, we’re changing that because podcasting is a unique opportunity to:

  • Establish expertise, and show off that expertise to your prospects, clients, and industry peers
  • Have interesting and productive conversations with industry influencers
  • Build company camaraderie by involving your employees
  • Introduce new products and services to your market, and
  • Create evergreen audio content!

At Earfluence, not only will we create a professional and creative podcast for you, we will also amplify your message through our digital marketing solutions, creative display, and media communication training. 

Having a voice that no one hears is futile. We leverage compelling audio and merge our combined 50+ years of marketing experience to help you educate, engage, and inspire your community. 

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Speaker at Podium

Our Shows

Our shows are built for brand exposure, to amplify your voice to your clients, employees, recruits, prospects, and industry influencers. Below are some of the podcasts that we are proud to produce. Have a vision for your podcast? We want to hear from you!

Weddings for Real

Hosted ByMegan Gillikin

A Southern Soiree, voted Best Local Wedding Planner by IndyWeek, chose Earfluence to build a voice amplification platform to create national consulting, coaching, and speaking opportunities.

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Backstage at DPAC

Hosted ByTaylor Zansberg

DPAC, the center for live entertainment in NC, chose Earfluence to generate excitement for upcoming shows, share in-depth, backstage conversations with talent, and add audio to its omni-channel marketing strategy.

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Beyond the Obituary

Hosted ByJason Gillikin

Renaissance Funeral Home, a community focused family-run business, chose Earfluence to differentiate their funeral home from competitors, tell unique and amazing life stories, and give their clients an unmatched and memorable customer experience.

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The Donald Thompson Podcast

Hosted ByDonald Thompson

Donald Thompson, serial entrepreneur, mentor, and diversity-in-the-workplace trailblazer, chose Earfluence to amplify his influence for more speaking opportunities, business development initiatives, and networking with established leaders.

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Talk West Podcast

Hosted ByWalk West

Walk West is the fastest growing agency in North Carolina, on the Inc 5000 list two years in a row. Find out what makes the agency unique to work with and work for in this podcast featuring sales and marketing thought leaders to help you grow your business. 

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The Startup Hats by David Gardner

Hosted ByDavid Gardner

Earfluence has partnered with Serial Entrepreneur and Venture Capitalist David Gardner to convert his book, "The Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur" into a podcast series and audiobook, sponsored exclusively by Forrest Firm, and now available on Audible and other audiobook platforms.

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