How I Built and Sold This Series, from the Deal Closers Podcast

The Deal Closers Podcast has launched a new series – “How I Built and Sold This.”  The stories feature ecommerce founders who have scaled their companies to the point where they get what many entrepreneurs crave – The Exit. 
So far, the stories we’ve heard have been incredible and inspirational, and in a wide variety of markets: supplements, crypto, auto parts, beauty and outdoors.

We build brands through podcasting, one story at a time.

Enjoy the conversation, we’ll take care of the rest.

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Latest Episodes

Top Chef Katsuji Tababe Chats High Horse & Industry Depression—Part 1 of 2

It was 2019 and the buzz of top chef Katsuji Tanabe’s descent on Raleigh had reached epic proportions. A res at his short-lived legendary (now-defunct) High Horse was almost...

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Just be yourself already, with Don Mamone

A hospitality veteran and photography entrepreneur, Don Mamone was afraid that their business would be at risk if they were to be who they knew they were. When they...

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Fundraising while Black, with Beyu’s Dorian Bolden and Resilient Ventures’ Keith Daniel

After running a successful coffee shop for 10 years and even expanding into a new location, Beyu Caffe’s Dorian Bolden decided it was time to expand even further. He...

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The Future of Goodnights

You have to be next-level funny to make comedy club owners and bookers laugh. Just one of the fun facts you’ll learn in Publisher Gina Stephens lively chat with...

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Are you running toward something or away from something? Conversations with Sisters

On last week’s episode, Brandee Gaar from the Wedding Pro CEO Podcast talked about how you come to a point in business where you have a choice – run...

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Golf Course Photographer Evan Schiller

One of the reasons we love this game is because of the majestic scenery. The view from the tee box, the finely manicured grass, the par 3 that goes...

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Insider Scoop on Raleigh’s Food Scene

Hungry for foodie news? Get the scoop as Publisher Gina Stephens and Editor-in-Chief Melissa Howsam chat up-to-the-minute insider info on a dozen-plus highly anticipated concepts dropping across town—including some...

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Are you DOING the work, or GROWING your business?

When Brandee Gaar left her job in hospitality, she had to work hard to build her business. She wore all the hats – sales, marketing, SOPs, hiring, firing, customer...

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