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Why does your business need a podcast?

Podcasting can be a fun way to express your knowledge to your community, but to create a podcast that’s sustainable, you first need to figure out your goals.

  • Business Development and Networking with clients, prospects, and industry thought leaders
  • Amplify Your Expertise, for more speaking, webinar, and other podcast opportunities, and more leads for your company
  • Show Your Company Culture and personality, involving employees, and creating a tool for recruiting
  • Create a Platform for Announcements of new products, services, or events
  • Build a content engine that can be repurposed for blog posts, social media, articles, videos, and  newsletters

At Earfluence, not only will we create a professional and creative podcast for you, we will also amplify your message through our digital marketing solutions, creative display, and media communication training. 

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Calcium, Toxins, and Your Cellular Health: Quacks and Hypochondriacs Podcast

Your Body Needs a Little Help Making Sure Your Cells are Regulated  I’d never heard of Calcium ATPase until I listened to this episode of Quacks and Hypochondriacs. Dr....

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New Earfluence Podcast Studio at Raleigh Founded

As the Triangle slowly shakes off the cobwebs, gets vaccinated, and people venture back into public spaces, often for the first time in over a year, we are celebrating...

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How can a startup think about DEI when it’s fighting to make payroll?

On Thursday, June 3rd at 12PM EST, The Diversity Movement will be hosting a webinar, “Why the Startup Community Should Care about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” Panelists are Shelley...

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Obesity and Systemic Racism: The Hidden Connection

Some of the most impactful conversations we’ve had over the past two years have come from the diversity, bias, inclusion, and equity episodes on Diversity: Beyond the Checkbox, If...

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SEO in Podcasting: How to Optimize Your Podcast for Google Search

Search engine optimization traffic is one of the most significant ways to boost the number of views or listens to any podcast or digital content. At Earfluence, we’ve noticed...

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Chef Vivian Howard’s failures mean more than all the awards

An acclaimed chef, best-selling author and multi-award-winning television host and producer, Vivian Howard seems to be doing it all. She started as part of the Wolfpack at North Carolina...

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