10 life-changing podcast episodes, with Raleigh Founded’s Danielle Mayber

Given that it’s Jason and Cee Cee’s careers, podcasting has obviously changed their lives. But, some specific podcast episodes have changed our lives. In this episode, Raleigh Founded’s Danielle Mayber joins Jason and Cee Cee to talk about some of those special episodes.

Check out the episodes we talked about!

Terry Crews — How to Have, Do and Be All You Want | The Tim Ferriss Show
Tim Ferriss Goes to Maximum Security Prison | The Tim Ferriss Show
How to Navigate Confusing Emotions with Olivia | Over it And On With It
The Psychology of Success: Tony Robbins and X-Prize founder Peter Diamandis talk with Joe Polish about what it takes to achieve true wealth and fulfillment | The Tony Robbins Podcast
[A-96] Stawić czoła kryzysowi (Ameryka 2020) | Świat / The World

How I Built This, with Jim Koch

Weddings for Real, with Ginny Corbett

Pretend Podcast, Word of Faith Fellowship

Beyond the Obituary, The Pilot

Donald Thompson Podcast (which at the time was Hustle Unlimited), Diversity and Inclusion at Work

Cee Cee:
What’s a Penny Worth? | Planet Money
Ear Biscuits
Mel Robbins: The 5 Second Rule to Change Your Life | The School of Greatness Hall of Fame


Jason: Welcome to the Earfluence Podcast, which is a podcast about podcasting from a podcast production company.

I’m your host, Jason Gillikin, CEO of Earfluence. And with me as always is Swiss army knife, doer of all things at Earfluence, Cee Cee Huffman, what is going on Cee Cee? 

Cee Cee: I would say same old, same old, but like I always say every day is different. So, we’re just taken on today’s task list, that just keeps getting longer and longer, somehow. 

Jason: You sound so excited. 

Cee Cee: I am, it’s all exciting things. It’s all things I really liked to do, but we’re a little bit all over the place. 

Jason: We are. So, we’ve got new clients coming down that we’ll be happy to share very soon. One of them is involved in sports, another higher ed institution. we’ve got one that is, actually in higher ed, but not an institution, it’s a CRM. So, so looking forward to sharing those and we’ve got a new full-time employee coming on board soon somebody that, you know, and I will be so happy to, to share that soon when the day comes. 

Cee Cee: Right. There’s a little, just a lot going on behind the scenes. It’s hard to keep it all straight.

Jason: It is. 

Cee Cee: So many emails I’m trying to also get better at going through my emails. Cause I, somebody taught me in college, like if your response isn’t really necessary, then don’t respond because it’s wasting and filling up somebody’s inbox, you know? And so, I’m trying to find the balance between, okay, I don’t think they really need me versus like, I need to make sure they know that I got this versus why are you responding to this? You’re filling up my inbox. Emails have never been my strong suit. That’s probably the hardest part about having a full-time job.

Jason: You know? and and you can’t really just write unsubscribe. 

Cee Cee: Right. Literally just stop. 

Jason: So, I, will do that just to be a jerk sometimes on text messages. So, if, and my wife and some of our friends will get on these text strings together and there’ll be like sending all these Gifs and everything, and I’m like, eventually I’ll look at it and be, have like 60 messages. I’m like, oh my gosh. So just to be, just to be that curmudgeon guy, I will just write unsubscribe. 

Cee Cee: Now, my friend. 

Jason: Yeah. But it just, it just feeds into the stereotype of me, which is that, you know, that curmudgeon, like the old guy in the room. Which hey, I don’t, I don’t mind. But hey, yesterday, Cee Cee, I texted you and said, what do we want to talk about?

 And I had an idea. I was like, yes, let’s talk about life-changing podcast episodes. So, what is life-changing; so, it could be career changing, it could be that you heard a podcast about sewing and took up sewing, and that’s been a change to your life. It could be about whatever you want it to be so wide, open life-changing podcast episodes.

And then I put it out into the Raleigh Founded community. And by the way, we’re recording this in our Earfluence studio at Raleigh Founded, put it out to our Raleigh Founded community in Slack and said Hey, we’re about to record something on life-changing podcast episodes. Does anybody want to join us? One person raised her hand right away.

I said, let’s go, come on in. And that person is our guest today. Her name is Danielle Mayber and she is the leasing manager at Raleigh founded. How’s it going, Danielle? 

Danielle: It’s going great. I love talking about this, and usually I’m talking to people’s ear off and they don’t even listen to podcasts. So, I’m really excited to be talking to you guys about this today.

Jason: Okay. So, I’ve toured with Danielle before, and so she was the person that took us on the tour of Raleigh Founded initially, just showed us what Raleigh founded had to offer the warehouse space, the Capital Club space, and then there’s actually two other spaces. And we were talking about podcasting a little bit, but honestly, I don’t know much Danielle about you other than you went to NC State and you’re the leasing manager at Raleigh Founded. So, I have no idea what you’re about to give us here on life-changing episodes, so I’m excited. 

Danielle: This is great. Last time, and maybe the only time I was interviewed on a podcast was actually in Polish. I don’t speak Polish, it was translated to Polish 

Cee Cee: That sounds confusing. 

Yeah. That’d be like a really fun, fun fact, but no, I was talking about office suites at Raleigh Founded, and it was translated on Polish radio. So that’s it. I didn’t actually know what they said about me afterwards as I was listening to it. So, this is fun. This is fun. 

Jason: All right. Can you find that episode for the show notes? 

Danielle: I will do my best to dig it up.

Jason: All right. Is that one of your life changing podcast episodes? 

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