10 things they don’t teach you in podcasting school, with Javier Leiva

You might know how to recording, edit and upload, but there’s a lot they don’t teach you in podcasting school. In this episode, Pretend Podcast and Criminal Conduct’s Javier Leiva joins Jason and Cee Cee to talk about the 10 things they don’t teach you in podcasting school! And with Javier’s over 2 million downloads and Jason and Cee Cee’s over 500 podcasts produced, the three have learned a thing or two along the way.

Listen to the Pretend Podcast or Criminal Conduct.


Jason Gillikin: Alright, welcome to the Earfluence Podcast, which is a podcast about podcasting from a podcast production company. I’m your host, Jason Gillikin, CEO of Earfluence, and with me as always is Cee Cee Huffman, associate producer, content specialist, graphic designer, doer of all things at Earfluence. How’s it going today Cee Cee?

Cee Cee Huffman: good. It’s good. I’m really excited about this episode because I love just trying new things and just like seeing if you can swim through it or sink or not. But yeah, I think this is going to be a really great episode. A- because of the content. I mean, there’s a lot of things that come with podcasting that you don’t realize come with it. And B- we’re using a new way to record as a cute little test run. So that’s exciting too.

Jason Gillikin: That’s right, we’re using riverside.fm, seeing how it looks. And with us on this testing journey is Javier Leiva, podcaster at Pretend, podcaster at Criminal Conduct, board of advisors on Earfluence, and then just in general board of advisors for my life of all things.

Javier Leiva: And riverside.fm Guinea pig.

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