105: How to Work with a Virtual Assistant, with Julie Painter (Dallas Girl Friday)

Julie Painter (aka Dallas Girl Friday) is a virtual assistant who specializes in the wedding industry, and today she gives the inside scoop on what a VA does, when you should think about hiring a VA, and how to work best together.

Julie Painter Virtual Assistant Dallas Girl Friday Weddings for Real Podcast

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About Julie Painter:

“I get asked occasionally about my business name. Dallas Girl Friday. Well, Dallas is my city and one of the great loves of my life – Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose, #texasforever and Girl Friday literally means an efficient and faithful female assistant. I’m enneagram-obsessed and I’m an 8w7. This means that when you work with me, you can expect I will kick your butt, not sugar coat the tough stuff, cheer you on, empower you, and definitely make you laugh. My StrengthsFinder top 3 are Command, Positivity, and Discipline.”

Dallas Girl Friday on Social Media:

Instagram: @DallasGirlFriday

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The host of the show is Megan Gillikin, owner and lead consultant at A Southern Soiree Wedding and Event Planning.  She’s also available for wedding and hospitality business consulting and can be reached at megan@weddingsforreal.com.

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