13. Harvard’s Mood Food Expert-Dr. Uma Naidoo

Harvard Medical’s Dr. Uma Naidoo literally wrote the book on the science of mood and your microbiome. Find out what foods reduce stress, and which foods will deplete your mental health.

Gut Inflammation is Brain Inflammation


Dr Bill Ferro: Okay, welcome to another episode of Quacks and Hypochondriacs. I’m your host, Dr. William Ferro from Betr health and with me standing in for my co-host Erin O’Hearn is Barbara Baez, registered dietician. And, we have to admit that you’re also a Betr health coach and former first starting as a client. So, welcome Barbara to the co-hosting position. 

Barbara Baez: Thank you so much, Dr. Ferro. I appreciate the opportunity to be here. I’m so excited about today’s topic. 

Dr Bill Ferro: This is amazing and its really easy shoes to fill because Erin’s really not that good, though she’s an award-winning journalist and a news anchor for ABC and Philly. No pressure, No pressure. Great. So exciting topic today – the best-selling author is with us, Dr. Naidoo, and she has a book called This is Your Brain on Food.

Full Episode Transcript

DR. UMA NAIDOO is a board-certified psychiatrist (Harvard Medical School), professional chef (Cambridge School of Culinary Arts), best-selling author of This Is Your Brain on Food (Little Brown 2020) and nutrition specialist (Cornell University) whose research provides tremendous insight into the connection between food/nutrition and mental health.

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