130: Marriage or Mortgage? Meet the hosts of Netflix’s new show

Sarah Miller and Nichole Holmes are the hosts of Netflix’s new show, Marriage or Mortgage, where couples have to choose whether they want to spend their budget on a down payment on a house or a big wedding.  They have a hard decision to make, and today, we’re sharing both sides of the debate with Sarah and Nichole!

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Hey everyone, we are taking a break from our wedding vendor education format to bring you something a little more light and entertaining today. There is a show on Netflix out right now called Marriage or Mortgage, where couples have a limited budget, and they have to choose whether they want to spend it on a down payment on a house or a big wedding. They have a hard decision to make, and today, we’re sharing both sides of the debate with the stars of the show, wedding planner Sarah Miller and real estate agent Nichole Holmes. I’m Megan Gillikin, and let’s have some fun on episode 130 of the Weddings for Real Podcast.

Megan Gillikin: Hey, there. I’m Megan Gillikin, and this podcast is for fellow wedding pros that know what it really takes to thrive as a professional in the wedding industry. Because it’s not what they show you in the movies.

Spoiler alert, it takes more than the wave of a wand or the toss of confetti to take someone special day from big idea to big success. But you already knew that. In each episode, I talk with fellow wedding industry experts to get real-world tested advice on ways to better your business on the back end so that we can celebrate more on the front end.

I’ve been referred to as a fairy godmother extraordinaire that can make the seemingly impossible happen. But the reality is that I’ve been in the event industry for 15 plus years, I’m a business consultant and international speaker, and a mom of three. So, it goes without saying I’ve seen some things and like many of you, I’ve mastered the rare art of coordinating chaos with a smile on my face, a coffee in my hand, and gel inserts in my shoes.

This podcast is a wedding, professional safe space to laugh and dish all about the glitz, the not so glam, and all things weddings for real. My guests today, a real estate agent, Nichole Holmes, and wedding planner, Sarah Miller, they are the stars of the new Netflix series, Marriage or Mortgage. And I am so excited to have them on the show today to talk about the series and the very real dilemma that many couples are facing today. Ladies, thank you for being on the show.

Nichole Holmes: Thanks for having us! Excited to be here.

Megan Gillikin:  Oh, my gosh, I watched this preview and I have so many questions. So–

Nichole Holmes: Good!

Megan Gillikin: Let’s just jump right in. Okay. First question. How’d you guys get involved in the show?

Nichole Holmes: I wish it were our idea. I think it’s a great idea, but it wasn’t ours. Netflix found us. They came to us. Or actually the production company I should say, came to us.

Megan Gillikin: Yeah. Did you two know each other before the show?

Sarah Miller: No. I mean, it’s such a funny story.

Nichole Holmes: It is.

Sarah Miller: Kind of in passing, we have one of those connections with just mutual friends where we both have children as well; and would see each other in passing, probably at kid’s parties, things like that. But honestly, never spoke with each other ever.

Nichole Holmes: Yeah. And when the production company wanted us to get together to do a Skype interview, she came to my house, and so we kind of officially met then. We’d seen each other. We’d even been out to dinner at the same parties, but just, you know, never were side by side and, you know how that goes. So, when she came to the house, we’re talking about some weddings that she’s doing.

She literally was planning my very best friend’s wedding. I, at the time, and I obviously, I knew my best friend is getting married. I knew she had a wedding planner and we were discussing all of the things. And if this girl. It was hysterical.

Sarah Miller: Yes.

Megan Gillikin: That’s amazing. That’s amazing. Sarah, how long have you been a wedding planner?

Sarah Miller: 10 years.

Megan Gillikin: Oh, me too.

Sarah Miller: Yeah. Really? That’s awesome! Congrats!

Megan Gillikin: Yeah. I took over a business here. I’m in North Carolina. I took over an existing business back in 2010.

Sarah Miller: Good for you. Yeah, I planned my own wedding, so right after, and I got married in 2010. So, as soon as I did that, I jumped right on it. And I just, because of my background and stuff too. And I, I love it.

Megan Gillikin: That’s awesome. How about you, Nichole? How long have you been in real estate?

Nichole Holmes: So, I’ve been in real estate, actively using my license for about 12 years, but I’ve had my license longer than that. I just got it to put it in my back pocket for a rainy day. And then all of a sudden, it clouded up and got rainy. So I started using it about 12 years ago.

Megan Gillikin: That’s awesome. Well, okay. So Nichole, the first question I have is for you. And it’s have you talked to clients that you are working with, who have pushed off buying a house because of a wedding? This is like, before the show.

Nichole Holmes: Yeah. I mean, obviously they weren’t too far down the path in buying a house. But yeah, I’ve talked to people prior to the show that were in the same predicament, you know? They have a lump sum of money and they either have to spend it on a down payment, on a house, which in my opinion is an investment. Or, you know, “Here I go. Blowing it on a party!” Like, it doesn’t make sense to me.

Megan Gillikin: Oh, gosh. Oh, boy.

Nichole Holmes: Let’s just jump right in and get to the nitty gritty. So, yeah.

Megan Gillikin: We’re going there. We’re going there.

Nichole Holmes: You’re not going to make money on a wedding, but you are going, no crystal ball, I can’t predict the future, but you’re definitely more likely to make money on investing in a home than you are a wedding.

Megan Gillikin: Mhm. Okay. Well, I can’t wait to hear–

Nichole Holmes: The, yeah. The side-eyes from the wedding planners I’m getting right now.

Megan Gillikin: That’s right, Sarah. I’m with you on this one. Sarah, how about you? Have you seen this dilemma from clients that you’re working with, before the show, that we’re trying to struggle to figure out like, where to put the money? Whether it was into an event that they were planning with you? Or saving for a house?

Sarah Miller: Yeah. I think both. I mean, I was thinking kind of what Nichole says too. I think everybody kind of goes through this, and, just not knowing what they can afford or from the wedding side versus  the mortgage side. So, I’ve dealt with this. I mean, I even dealt with it myself 10 years ago. So again, I think it’s just an age-long dilemma that most people do go through.

Megan Gillikin: Well, let’s talk about, I’m going to go to Sarah. First, but Sarah, what Nichole said, she mentioned that you’re not going to make money off of a house. So make the case–

Nichole Holmes: You’re not going to make money off of the wedding.

Sarah Miller: Oh yeah.

Megan Gillikin: Oh, make money. Yes. Let me try that again. Nichole said you’re not going to make money off of a wedding. Sarah, what’s the case for putting money towards a wedding versus a mortgage?

Sarah Miller: I think I just keep going back to my roots and how traditional I am too. And my beliefs, again, I think it’s such an emotional day to buy a house or have a wedding, but again, it’s, it’s something that’s just so different. Homes come and go, weddings should be just one, and again, it’s an emotional, and it’s just a fabulous day to bring together family and friends for, you know, memories for the rest of your life.

Nichole Holmes: I heard the operative word.

Sarah Miller: What?

Nichole Holmes: “There should be one,” she said. So let me speak from my experience. My background is I’ve been divorced twice. I did have the big shebang, big wedding the first time. And so, you know, I do want to preface it by saying I’m not anti-love, I’m not anti-marriage, I don’t begrudge anyone that has, you know, stars in their eyes and hearts floating out of their head, or whatever. That’s all amazing. Good for you guys. I’m just saying, you know, when it comes to one or the other, if you’ve got enough money to do both by golly, blow it out. Do both, that’s amazing. But that isn’t case here. And so, it’s just better to invest it; put it in some property. Lands the only thing they’re not making any more of. You’ve heard that old adage.

Sarah Miller: I think it just depends upon each one of our clients. And Nichole will get this, especially with the show. It’s like, everybody has their own dilemmas. I mean, if it’s marriage or mortgage, there’s also a ton of different dilemmas in between that, that we have to kind of figure out and help them decide.

So, no matter which way they choose, we, we know we’re happy for them. Even though we do have a little bit of a–

Nichole Holmes: Friendly wager.

Sarah Miller: And friendly competition on this. But I mean, it is real life. You know, we really do want to win. Of course, who doesn’t want to sell multiple homes? Who doesn’t want to have multiple weddings? You know, that’s what we do for–

Nichole Holmes:  Oh, I had multiple weddings. I don’t advise it.

Megan Gillikin: I love it. I love it. You know, Sarah. You’ve mentioned, I see both sides. I really do. I think back to my own wedding, which was also 10 years ago. And I think about how truly, if it is a once in a lifetime thing, a wedding is the one opportunity to get all of these people that are like, the VIP’s in your life, together and celebrate.

And I look back on my wedding video, which was terrible by the way, from 10 years ago. And I see people that are no longer living and that I will never get to see again. And I really like the emotional component of a gathering when it’s for the right reasons.

Sarah Miller: Right.

Megan Gillikin:  I think is, is so impactful.

Sarah Miller:  Oh, I a hundred percent agree with that. Yeah, it is. Again, it’s just memories and moments in your life that you can never honestly forget. And they never forget either. You know, grandparents were at mine that have been, like what you said, Megan. It’s like they’re passed away and you know, hopefully you think that they remember that sweet stuff, you know.

Megan Gillikin: I know. I know. And honestly, you know, I think about coming out of this pandemic and the way that we have all been separated and not been able to gather. Like, I almost feel that there’s even, I mean, I’m just making a case here, Nichole. I feel like there’s even more incentive to gather and celebrate in mass when we weren’t able to for the last year. And we missed out on a lot.

Nichole Holmes: Yeah, and I can absolutely see that point. But I also, let me just impress upon you this. Why not just buy the house and then have an amazing house warming party? All those people can be at your house. If you want them to dress up in bridesmaids dresses and come over and hang out in the backyard, they can do that.

Sarah Miller: It’s not the same.

Nichole Holmes: It is! It is though.

Megan Gillikin:  It’s not the same. Okay, so I’m going to move on to the next question, which is, tell us about the show. So, what’s a fun story that you can share from one of the episodes?

Nichole Holmes: Gosh. I mean, we’ve had, you know what? I love the vast array of people that we had.

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes: So we have older couples, younger couples, married for the first time, divorced, we had biracial couples, same sex. So, I mean we, it runs the gamut honestly. It’s very diverse. I think we got something for almost every walk of life that people are going to find interesting. And, I don’t know that I could actually put my thumb on one single bank. Every couple brought their own unique set of circumstances.

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes: And they were all so open and so honest. I mean, to share something this personal with the entire universe, it’s crazy. So, I just really applaud them for coming on television–

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes: –And allowing us to video them through this whole process. Because it is not for the faint of heart. You know? It’s very emotional. Spending that much money on anything is emotional. Much less, something that’s generally your biggest investment in your life, which is your home, or, you know, the supposedly, one special day in your life.

Sarah Miller: Yeah. I mean, I think just the whole filming process, again, every single couple was like what Nichole’s saying, just totally different. So, I mean, we laughed for sure. A ton. It was a blast–

Nichole Holmes:  Oh, my gosh.

— To do. So amazing, but I mean, we also cried too.

There was a lot of tears, a lot of upset. Again, just getting to know people on the emotional side of problems that they might have in their life. That, you know, really a lot of people don’t divulge a lot. It was very interesting, and thankfully, they, they were able to open up to us and give us that information.


Sarah Miller: It was wonderful to get to know them. But yeah, I mean, I think it was just awesome. Like the whole thing was fun. I mean, again, we haven’t seen the episodes yet, so. I honestly don’t know what they’ve put in, but for each individual couple, there was crazy stuff that happened on every single one.

Nichole Holmes: Yeah. So much fun. I wish there were like blooper reels.

Sarah Miller:  I know. I actually have one for you. For Nichole.

Nichole Holmes: Oh, gosh.

Sarah Miller: When, Nich introduced one of the couples. And this is, I remember just you telling me about this story too. When he jumped on a bed.

Nichole Holmes: Yes. Okay, so–

Sarah Miller: This is really funny.

Nichole Holmes: A lot of times, homes, when you have seen, toured homes, they will stage them. And the stage makers don’t actually bring in a full-size box, spring mattress and everything, right? So, what they do is they will bring in plastic crates and make it look the same height as a bed and just cover it for–

Sarah Miller: Like tupperware? Or something like that?

Nichole Holmes: Yeah. Yeah. Like big bins. Or you can do blow up mattresses or whatever. Well, this gentleman is a firefighter and we think he’s like 6’7″.

Sarah Miller: Very big.

Nichole Holmes: He’s a very tall man, very muscular. And he just ran and jumped on this bed in the master bedroom, like Superman, lands on it, and there’s this huge crash. It’s nothing but tupperware bins covered with a comforter. Well–

Megan Gillikin: No!

Nichole Holmes:  It was so loud. We screamed bloody murder. And I got to reimburse my friend for her tupperware bins. It was my friend’s listing that I was showing that day.

Megan Gillikin: I love the real life behind that. Like, the bloopers. I would love to see the blooper reel as well. Hopefully, they put some of those just like, awkward, funny moments in.

Sarah Miller: Like, we got to do a lot of stuff. I think again. Just, like, one for me was, I am terrified of birds. I’m not really a big bird fan. And I got to surprise one of my brides and grooms with this bird, like, like beautiful basket of birds. And I had to open up the basket.

Nichole Holmes: Oh, my gosh.

Sarah Miller: And thousands of birds. Not really. Not thousands. A lot of birds flew out and I–

Megan Gillikin: It felt like a thousand, right?

Sarah Miller: But yeah. Stuff like that. It would be good to see that on the show, because we really did laugh a ton and it was just, it was so funny.

Megan Gillikin: So when you reflect back on the couples that you both got to have time with, what’s the most interesting reason that a couple chose either the house or the wedding? Like, was there something that kind of stood out to you that you were like, “Oh, that’s very memorable that this was their reason for making the choice.”

Nichole Holmes: I’m afraid we’ll give an episode away–

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes:  If we say that.

Megan Gillikin:  Okay.

Sarah Miller: But I think that they all made, I think that they all made smart decisions again, depending upon their life of what was happening.

Nichole Holmes: Yeah. I mean, it was going to be a win-win for them regardless, you know? Even though I didn’t win all of them, I still tried to be very happy and see, see their point of view and see their side of it. And there are some that I think, I think there’s some obvious wins, you know, that you know going in. And there are others that completely blew us away.

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes: We weren’t even sure which way they were going to go when they came in on decision day.

Megan Gillikin: Okay. So that takes me to a question. The general concept of the show is that there is a couple, and they’re trying to decide if they’re putting a set amount of money towards their wedding or towards a down payment on the house.

And then is it that, you each sort of get to spend some time with them and get to get a sense of, you know, selling to them what your choice would be for them and persuading them. And then they get some time, reflect, and there’s a decision day. Is that the general–

Nichole Holmes: Exactly. Yeah. Yeah. You said it beautifully. That’s exactly what it is.

Sarah Miller: They come to us, and what we call our first meeting at our office, and Nichole and I, again, we had never met them before we had, we don’t know anything about them.

Nichole Holmes: We do get the, like, bullet points about them, but it’s up to us to kind of grill them, if you will, on that first meeting and find out their hopes and dreams and wants and wishes, so.

Sarah Miller:  Yeah, and then of course they come back probably about a week later and we call that “Decision day.” So they make their decision in front of us.

Megan Gillikin:  Ooh.

Nichole Holmes: And then with us not knowing, you know, which way they’re leaning one way or the other, we have to kind of bring out the big guns and–

Sarah Miller: Oh yeah.

Nichole Holmes: –Give like a one last persuasive argument. You know, our day in court, if you will. And say, you know, try to sweeten the deal, and to, try to get them to choose, you know, sway them one way or the other.

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes: And I think we did some pretty good swaying. I think that–

Sarah Miller:  I did too.

Nichole Holmes: –Maybe there were couples that would come in thinking they were going to do one thing. And then after the decisions, after redrafting some new ideas, they, uh, went the other direction.

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Megan Gillikin: That’s because you’re both good at what you do. It’s got to be that. So here’s a question for you. This is your first time on any sort of like, production or show like, like this, right?

Nichole Holmes:  For me, yes. So I have a degree in radio and television, so I’ve done news, and I’ve done weather and, I’ve worked at shopping networks as hosts and things like that before. But as far as like a show like this, yes. A produced show, 10 episodes and episodic anything. Absolutely.

Megan Gillikin: What was a surprise in what you thought going into what filming a show like this would be like, to the reality of it? Was it long days? Was there a lot of like, having to reshoot things? Like, what was it, what was the surprise?

Nichole Holmes: Well, there were long days, but as far as reshoots, that, it’s reality TV, that didn’t happen. Oh. So I just remembered something. I was out showing a couple some land. And I don’t know how much I can get into this without getting in trouble because I don’t know if it’s an episode or not.

There was, uh, a spot. I don’t know if it’ll show it or not, but just, I’ll just throw it out there. The bride-to-be actually stepped in a Fire-Ant Hill, as I was showing them property, like a lot. A blank lot. And I look up, you know, and I’m like, “Anybody? Anybody?” And they’re like, so, I just had to go to town. We just brushed them all off and yeah, we just kept filming. I thought, “Surely, she wasn’t hurt.” I just want to say, she’s very, she’s A-okay. There was nothing wrong with her. No trips to the hospital were needed or anything.  It was a little shocking, but you know, she looked down and she saw ants crawling over her boots and what was like a little freak-out moment.Then we realized we were on the road. And so, we just got to brush it all off and moved on.

Megan Gillikin: And Sarah won that one, right? Sarah won that one. I know. I’m just kidding. I’m just kidding.

Sarah Miller: But no, like what Nichole is saying is like, the days of course were long, but we had such a good family in our production team, and we, it honestly was a blast. You know, and just kind of having this whole show be unscripted, and what we do on a normal basis, made it real, made it fun, made it, it didn’t seem like we were filming. It just honestly, it’s just like we were going around with a lot of people with us. So it was a blast.

Megan Gillikin: That’s awesome. Okay. I have a hard question for you, Sarah.

Sarah Miller: Okay.

Megan Gillikin: When I saw this preview, and my husband showed it to me right before bed, and I was like, “Oh, this is such an interesting concept.” But, I had a moment where I thought about the last year for the wedding industry, which, you know, as a wedding planner has been like, postponements cancellations, there’s been a lot of negative press as it relates to contracts with wedding vendors and just how everything is going to go down.

As we’re just dealing with something that we haven’t dealt with before. And I had this thought where I was like, “I hope that this show doesn’t portray our industry in that, like, money-hungry, like, go spending above what you’re supposed to; in a way that it shows what we do, there is meaning to it.

Sarah Miller: Yeah. I mean, I will tell you hands down, again, when you watch the show, it is not about us trying to take people’s money and make them go broke. Like, it’s just not about that.

Nichole Holmes: It’s in fact, the opposite.

Sarah Miller:  It really is like, a dream fulfillment show. It is real life, it’s true, it is not like we’re dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars in these people’s bank accounts. It is basically your average-day bride and groom with a smaller, medium budget. And, you know, just because they are. They, like Nichole said earlier, if these people were, come to us with a ton of money, they could do both. That’s not the–

Nichole Holmes: It wouldn’t be a show.

Sarah Miller:  It is really where it’s a dilemma and they have these life-altering moments too, that make them change their mind or have to change their mind on certain things.

Nichole Holmes: And to her credit, like I have to tell you, as frivolous as I think most of this wedding stuff is, like, she will even say, she’s here to tell them, you know, the dumb money, the good money, what, what do you–

Sarah Miller:  Smart money versus dumb money.

Nichole Holmes: Smart money versus dumb money. Yeah. So she’s like, you know, “If you can’t afford to have a flock of seagulls erupt, when you, don’t get, you know–

Sarah Miller: They might come to us with a budget.

Nichole Holmes:  I know it’s doves, not seagulls.

Sarah Miller: The client might come to us with the budget and, listen, we want to maximize their budget. We’re not trying to overspend their budget. It’s like, we’re trying to, again, it’s dream fulfillment. It’s, it’s really, they come to us for an, a problem that they can’t solve. And we’re trying to solve it for them.

Nichole Holmes: And these are our professions. These are our real life jobs. We’re still doing this to this day. We were still doing it while we were filming.

Sarah Miller: Right.

Nichole Holmes: We want repeat customers. I know having two weddings, she’s going to get repeat customers. But, I certainly always hope that, you know, I, I’m not going to oversell someone on a house. That’s not going to do me any favors. You know, that’s just not what it’s all about.

Sarah Miller: Yeah. And I hope they, I hope people don’t look at this show like, “Oh my gosh, why would they do something like this?” I think it’s going to reach out to a more broad spectrum of people watching it than just somebody who has a fifty to a hundred thousand dollar budget. It’s not like that, you know, it should be, it should be everybody.

Megan Gillikin: I love that. And I think that, that’s what I was hoping for when it comes to being able to watch the show is it’s like, you’re providing helpful advice. You’re helping them make like, the decisions that they can afford when it comes to their budget. So, I love that that’s the focus of it. For sure.

Sarah Miller: Yeah. It should be more educational too. We keep saying this then, honestly, anything. We want joy to be brought out of watching the show and say, “Oh my gosh.” Somebody is sitting on their couch and might say,  “I have that same dilemma,” or, “I want that same thing,” or, “I have that same budget.”

Nichole Holmes:  Right.

Sarah Miller: And honestly, they might take something from that, you know?

Nichole Holmes: Yeah, wedding 101 and real estate 101. So, if I can impart any advice throughout any of these shows that help a young couple or a middle-aged couple of whatever the case may be; that is too afraid to buy a house, like it’s too daunting.

And they see something they’re like, “Oh yeah, it’s not that bad.” You know? I can talk them into going out and getting pre-approved and figure out, you know, what they can afford. I think, just those first few . Steps are probably the most daunting for people. They just don’t know what to expect. Or think that they’re going to be in a mountain of debt for the rest of their life. No, that’s why we’re here; the professionals to hold their hands and to help them throughout every step of the way.

Sarah Miller:  Hire a professional for sure. We’ll save you a ton of money.

Megan Gillikin: It’s true. It’s true. It absolutely is for both the real estate side and the wedding planning side. A hundred percent. Okay. So, Marriage or Mortgage? I thought it would be fun as we’re wrapping up this interview, can I ask you a few lightning round questions? And you can each answer them?

Nichole Holmes: We love these!

Sarah Miller: We love this.

Megan Gillikin:  Okay. Well, let’s have Nichole go first, Sarah goes second for each of these questions. And we’ll see what you say. Okay, here they are. Netflix night in or date night out?

Nichole Holmes: Netflix in.

Sarah Miller:  Netflix in.

Nichole Holmes: Canoodling on the couch.

Megan Gillikin: How did I know you were going to say that? I felt pretty confident that it was going to be the answer.

Sarah Miller: We should be fired if we answer that wrong.

Megan Gillikin: Right. Right. Exactly. Okay. Dogs or cats?

Nichole Holmes: Dogs.

Sarah Miller:  Dogs.

Both dogs. I feel you. I’m dogs as well. Cake or pie?

Nichole Holmes:  Cake.

Sarah Miller: Cake.

Cake. Okay. What if I throw in ice cream? Does that change the answer for you?

Nichole Holmes: Yes. Both. Ice cream and cake.

Sarah Miller: Back to pie then.

Nichole Holmes: You want pie and ice cream?

Sarah Miller: Yeah, I want pie. I want pie and ice cream. Yeah.

Megan Gillikin: Chores. Laundry or dishes.

Nichole Holmes: Neither? A maid?

Sarah Miller: I was just going to say, I like vacuuming. Can you fill vacuuming in there? I’ll do that.

Megan Gillikin: Outsourcing. That’s the answer, outsourcing. I do a terrible job at laundry and take, I like wash something and then leave it for three days, and have to go back and wash it again. It’s not good.

Nichole Holmes: I will do laundry, but I hate to hang it up.

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes:  So probably laundry, okay. To be serious about it, it would be laundry. Because I don’t mind doing it. I just don’t wanna hang it up. I just live out of my–

Megan Gillikin:  Dryer?

Nichole Holmes:  Yes. Or the basket.

Megan Gillikin: Okay. Solo workouts or group workouts?

Nichole Holmes: Solo.

Sarah Miller: Solo.

Nichole Holmes: No one wants to see the sweat.

Megan Gillikin: Beach or mountains?

Nichole Holmes:  I like looking at both. I just don’t want to be out in both. I’m going to go beach. I’d prefer to be warm than cold, so I’m gonna go beach.

Megan Gillikin: Nice. Last one. Reels or TikTok? Instagram Reels? Or TikTok?

Sarah Miller: Instagram Reels. Because I’m 80. I mean, I’m old. I don’t, I didn’t even know what you were talking about.

Megan Gillikin: I could tell.

Sarah Miller: That is something too you would get a lot of on the show. Just to let you know.

Nichole Holmes: Oh yeah. Some of the young couples would say things. I’d be like, “Can I have a dictionary please? Where’s the urban dictionary?”

Megan Gillikin: That’s so funny. That’s where I put on the face of like the smile and nod.

Sarah Miller: Yeah.

Nichole Holmes: I’m like, “I don’t know what that is.”

Megan Gillikin: “That sounds very lovely.” Ladies, thank you so much for coming on here. I cannot wait to watch the show and Marriage or Mortgages out now. And the Netflix algorithm probably already knows that you want to watch it. So, make sure that you go check it out. Any final call-to-action that you want them to do?

Sarah Miller: Just keep watching.

Nichole Holmes: Yeah. Stream it often. All the time. Just go on loop.

Sarah Miller:  Shared it with your friends.

Nichole Holmes: We want season two.

Sarah Miller: Yes. For sure.

Megan Gillikin: I want season two. You two have a great dynamic. So, I can’t wait to tune in and watch the show and yes, everyone check it out on Netflix. Other than streaming the show everywhere. Where can listeners connect with you, personally?

Nichole Holmes: Ooh. They can find me on Instagram @NicholeHolmesRealty. It’s N-I-C-H-O-L-E-H-O-L-M-E-S-R-E-A-L-T-Y. How was that? My own little commercial. That’s not all, you’ll get a set of Ginsu knives if you subscribe. Oh, the shopping days are coming out. Two easy payments.

Megan Gillikin: I love it.

Sarah Miller: You can find me on Instagram @SouthernVineCo. Or we have a website too, which is southernvineco.com.

Megan Gillikin: Awesome. We’ll put those in the show notes too. So, if you want to go follow Nichole and Sarah and their businesses, or purchase a house from them, or hire Sarah to plan your wedding, we’ve got you covered. Thanks, y’all.

Nichole Holmes: Thanks, guys!

Thank you!

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