14. Entrepreneurship: An Epic Adventure Or Crushing Health Hazard?

If you went into entrepreneurship to have flexible hours, you probably found that you don’t have time for anything – and your physical and mental health suffers. So what can you do? Dr Ferro, Caitlin Brauner, Caren DeCesaris, and Jason Gillikin discuss.



Dr Bill Ferro: Welcome to the Quacks and Hypochondriacs Podcast. I’m your host, Dr. Bill Ferro. I started my career as a chiropractor in health clubs, turned into a gut health expert, so if you want to call me a quack, you would not be the first. On this podcast we’re going to give you the inside scoop on the so-called quacks of the world, the quackery claims, who you should and shouldn’t listen to, and why sometimes hypochondriacs have every right to be paranoid about their health. 

So today we’re going to be talking about entrepreneurship and cell phones ringing in the middle of your podcasts, which is about entrepreneurship, and how hard it is to keep yourself healthy while you’re trying to build a healthy business. So, with me, is Jason from Earfluence who actually his business is running podcasts and engineering podcasts. So welcome Jason. 

Jason: Hey doc, and thanks for having me on the show today. 

Dr Bill Ferro: My pleasure. So, we’re going to get right into this. I think the topic speaks to a lot of entrepreneurs who are putting their head down, they’re working their butt off and they’re like, I will be healthy when; when I sell for $20 million, I picture myself having a chef and yoga people everywhere and moving to Costa Rica.

And I will be healthy then, and I think that is the dream and the offset. And then the reality, what is it doing to squash that dream by not being healthy now? What are we actually sacrificing and giving up and what will happen and at the end of that road, how has that maybe even keeping us from getting there versus I think I’m doing this best for the company?

I might as well just stay up two more hours and knock this out at two in the morning, even though tomorrow is going to be horrible, because when I sell, then I’ll be healthy. So, Jason, I’d love to hear number one, how you decided to be stupid enough to start your own business and maybe kind of, if it has impacted your health in a positive or negative way, you know, kind of talk to us about that. 

Jason: Doc, I love this topic because it is such a challenge when you’re running a business to be mentally fit and physically fit, because you’re thinking about so many different things. So back in 2019, I had been working at the same job for 12 years and it was kind of a cushy job. I didn’t quite realize it at the time, but you know, I worked eight to five basically.

 And on my lunch, I would go for a run or go to the gym or go do a workout or whatever it might be. I had health insurance, which was fun. And then, you know, 2019 I for whatever reason I got the itch, I was like, I’m just not being fulfilled. And I want to start something in entrepreneurship and you know, I love it. I do. 

But at the same time, it is a challenge. I mean, you think you have all this time, right? Because you make your own hours, but to figure out when you can actually go for a run when you can actually make time for yourself, because everything, every free moment that you have for me anyway, is about the business or looking after my kids and spending time with my family.

So yeah man, it is a challenge to do this, and I’m excited to unpack this and give some tips that I’ve learned along the way. But I want to learn from you too, because it’s something I’m still trying to learn from. 

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