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21: Venue Tour Tips with Mollyann Russell of Stockroom at 230, The Glass Box, and All Saints Chapel

Mollyann Russell, Event Sales and Marketing Coordinator at Empire Properties (Stockroom at 230, The Glass Box, and All Saints Chapel), comes on the show today to talk about Venue Tours and Venue Marketing. Mollyann has booked over 1,200 events at the 3 properties combined, so she has given her fair share of venue tours and has the insight into what clients should be asking both before and during the tour. Plus, she offers marketing tips to venues. Marketing isn’t easy, but if done the right way, can generate the right leads.

Venue Tour Tips from Mollyann:

(Before the Tour)

1) Ask how many guests the venue can accommodate. Is it enough for your guest count?

2) Find out if the venue is available on your date. Consider if your date is flexible.

(During the Tour)

3) Bring at least two people total, but not too many. Usually one to take pictures and one to take notes is plenty.

4) Ask what is included. Tables, chairs, flatware, etc, but also services and time allowed in the space.

5) Ask about vendor requirements. Is there a required list, or a preferred list? Are some planners or caterers not allowed? Do you have to use an in-house planner, caterer, florist, etc?

6) Ask about logistics, and figure out what the day will look like. Who is doing the setup? What time will the couple get in the space? What do nearby accommodations look like? Where are the nearby restaurants?

Mollyann also shares some hilarious venue tour stories, venue marketing tips, and then of course, Megan grills Mollyann in the lightning round!

Here are some pics of Mollyann:

Mollyann Russell giving a tour at The Stockroom (image by Kate Pope Photography)

Mollyann showing off The Glass Box (image by Mikkel Paige)

Mollyann at All Saints Chapel (image by f8 studios)

Mollyann Russell, Event Sales and Marketing Coordinator and Caroline Placey, Event Logistics Coordinator (image by LiveView Studios)

Mollyann Russell, Empire Properties (image by Mikkel Paige)

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