Earfluence Launches 3 New Parenting Podcasts

As a parent of three (very different!) girls, I am thrilled to share that Earfluence has partnered with three family psychologists to launch three new podcasts!

Learn with Dr. Emily

Dr. Emily King is a child psychologist and former school psychologist specializing in raising and teaching children and teens diagnosed with autism, ADHD, anxiety, learning disabilities, and/or giftedness. Each week, Emily shares her thoughts on a topic related to psychology, parenting, education, or parent-teacher collaboration.


DADennial (coming soon)

Along with being a dad by day, Mike Trenk is also a mental health counselor by night in my own private practice. So he gets to see not just his own personal ups and downs of being a dad, but other families and dads and trying to figure out their day-to-day struggles. As a clinician in private practice, and one of those dads sitting in pick up and drop off lines for school, Mike wanted to share what he see in this ever-changing world.


Parenting Translator, with Dr. Cara Goodwin

Dr. Cara Goodwin is a family psychologist and mom of three. This podcast translates scientific research in a way us parents can understand, without any bias or scare tactics we might hear from mainstream media. Check out some of these topics – Talking to Your Kids about Sex, Should You Make Your Kids Apologize?, ADHD in Girls…I’m getting my notebook ready!

If you’re a parent, be sure to check out these new podcasts!

CEO & Executive Podcast Producer, Earfluence
About the Author
As the CEO and Executive Producer at Earfluence, Jason Gillikin gets to hear experts tell their stories for a living! Having come from a digital marketing background, Jason thrives on amplifying Earfluence podcasts to reach their most impactful audiences. Jason finds inspiration in the storytelling of Wondery, the preparation of Guy Raz, the determination of his wife (also a podcast host), and the curiosity of his three daughters.