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5: Owen Preston, 4/2/08-4/29/17: Touching Lives While Battling Brain Cancer

On this podcast from Renaissance Funeral Home in Raleigh North Carolina, we go beyond the obituary to get a better sense of who those people were who have passed on. What were some of the stories that define them?  We’ll hear from the people who loved them because they are so much more than a one-page obituary.

On today’s episode, Jennifer Preston lost her son Owen to a glioblastoma in April 2017. Jennifer shares so many stories of the special person that Owen was, his strength, and the impact he left in touching so many lives as he was going through his battle with cancer at the Ronald McDonald House and New Hanover Regional Medical Center.

We also talked about how important a Child Life Specialist can be, a trip to Alaska the family took before Owen passed away, and the work that Jennifer and her husband Brian are doing now to help with cancer research.

Owen and Jennifer Preston

Jennifer mentioned one of the charities her family supports, Reelin’ for Research, to raise money for UNC Children’s Hospital.  Check out Owen’s page and donate here.

Beyond the Obituary is hosted, edited, and produced by Jason Gillikin for Earfluence.

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