Our Team

We are a seasoned group of entrepreneurs with a passion for podcasting, storytelling, digital marketing, and how those things combine to form amazing evergreen content and unparalleled exposure for businesses. 

Jason Gillikin Earfluence CEO

Jason Gillikin

CEO, Executive Producer

Jason brings his digital marketing and business development background and passion for storytelling to build communities through podcasting and other digital platforms.

Cee Cee Huffman Earfluence

Cee Cee Huffman

Associate Producer and Content Strategist

A radio journalist who leverages her experience as a writer and zoomer to create engaging social media content. She can tell any story in 280 characters or less.

Mark Meyer

Audio Engineer

Mark is the guy who makes all our podcasts sound amazing. In addition to podcasts, Mark loves live music, both attending shows and being on stage. You'll find his bands at basements and dive bars.

Sharon Delaney McCloud

Sharon Delaney McCloud

Board of Advisors, Media

Emmy Award-winning broadcaster, speaker, producer and professional media trainer focused on coaching businesses on how to deliver powerful presentations and winning interviews.

Donald Thompson

Chairman of the Board

As an entrepreneur in marketing and technology, Donald is an advisor and investor to several startups and established organizations. He is the CEO of Walk West and The Diversity Movement, and host of the Donald Thompson Podcast.

Javier Leiva

Javier Leiva

Board of Advisors, Podcast Production

Emmy Award-winning (yes, two Emmy award winners on the team) content writer and video producer whose side hustle podcast - Pretend - has over 1M downloads and is one of the top podcasts in the crowded True Crime genre.

Akinwole Garrett

Board of Advisors, Business Development

Investor, producer, digital strategy executive, and business development consultant, Aki was instrumental in building both the CBS Sports and SheKnows Media Podcast Networks.

Earfluence Podcast Studio

Who We Are

We believe in podcasting for businesses to amplify exposure to their communities.

We are podcasters, storytellers, creatives, and digital marketing experts, and we’re ready to show the world what makes you and your team the experts in your field!

Contact us today to find out how YOU can get started!

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