founder Josh Chodniewicz on building a new platform for investors and startups

Back in 1995, only 14% of Americans had internet access, and most of that was painfully slow. But Josh Chodniewicz could see the future of ecommerce, and started up, which eventually grew to over 1,000 employees. Now as an investor, Josh has struggled with building a diverse portfolio, having access to deals, and finding experts to vet the companies in industries he doesn’t know very well – and that’s exactly why he’s starting Fundify.


Voiceover: Welcome to First Check, a podcast so you can learn how to be the next great venture capitalist or angel investor.

You’ve seen the Uber’s, Google’s, and Pendo’s of the world; the 10 X to 100 X returns. And you want to know how you can get in on the action. As a partner at Cofounders Capital, Host of First Check, Tim McLoughlin has invested over $43 million in startups. And on this podcast, he’s going to share with you what works and what doesn’t so you can be ready to write your first check.

On each episode, Tim brings on investors and founders so they can tell you the ups and downs of venture capital and what lessons they’ve learned along the way.

Today’s guest is Josh Chodniewicz, founder of, angel investor and now the CEO of, an equity crowdfunding platform that simplifies startup funding. On the show, Josh talks about the journey and his struggle to find capital, what he looks for when making angel investments, and how Fundify fills  gaps in angel investing such as deal flow and access to experts. 

Here’s the host of First Check, Tim McLoughlin.

Tim McLoughlin: Josh, how are you doing today?

Josh Chodniewicz: I’m doing great. Thanks. Good to see you.

Tim McLoughlin: Thanks for being here. You got to take us back 25, 26 years. Tell us about the early days of

Josh Chodniewicz: Oh goodness. The early days started with, uh, with my buddy, Mike Marston, who I met in first grade or back whenever that was. And then those years of playing wiffle ball together all turned into him calling me while he was at Virginia Tech getting his computer science degree. And telling me, “Hey, Josh. This internet is going to be huge.”

And this was in 1994 and I replied with, “What’s the internet?”

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