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As a student journalist and current Tar Heel, Aashna is always chasing the next story. She strives to tell the story of those who often are left unheard. With a love for broadcast, storytelling, radio and writing, she hopes to find her true calling through various experiences.

Introducing Unstoppable, with Cynthia Barnes

Cynthia Barnes is Unstoppable, and now she shares her sales and leadership insight in her new podcast! You’ve heard of fashion influencers, travel influencers, beauty influencers and more, but have you ever heard of a sales influencer? If not, then you definitely need to check out the one and only Cynthia Barnes!  Cynthia is the…

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Calcium, Toxins, and Your Cellular Health: Quacks and Hypochondriacs Podcast

Your Body Needs a Little Help Making Sure Your Cells are Regulated  I’d never heard of Calcium ATPase until I listened to this episode of Quacks and Hypochondriacs. Dr. Bill Ferro and Erin O’Hearn spoke with Brundy Broady, author of “The Calcium Connection,” about the importance of the enzyme calcium ATPase and how to make…

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How can a startup think about DEI when it’s fighting to make payroll?

On Thursday, June 3rd at 12PM EST, The Diversity Movement will be hosting a webinar, “Why the Startup Community Should Care about Diversity, Equity and Inclusion.” Panelists are Shelley Willingham, VP of Business Strategy at The Diversity Movement, Lister Delgado, Managing Partner at IDEA Fund, and Donald Thompson, CEO of The Diversity Movement.  When you’re…

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Chef Vivian Howard’s failures mean more than all the awards

An acclaimed chef, best-selling author and multi-award-winning television host and producer, Vivian Howard seems to be doing it all. She started as part of the Wolfpack at North Carolina State University with an English degree, but she translated her storytelling skills to the kitchen. Her passion for food and storytelling is evident in her vulnerable…

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