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Why I’m a Venture Capitalist, with Mucker’s Monique Villa

Mucker Capital‘s Monique Villa is pretty far from what we tend to think about when we picture a venture capitalist – the older white man who graduated from a prestigious university and went on to get his MBA. She’s none of those things, but maybe that difference in background and perspective gives her an advantage…

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How Activate Durham is building and bolstering the community

In Durham, N.C., Leonardo Williams and his wife, Chef Zweli, own one of two Zimbabwean restaurants in the country – Zweli’s. Throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, he’s had to make several innovations and pivots to keep his small business running, but he’s never given up. After partnering with Summit Church to allocate extra food to the…

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Your Wellness Plan is Broken, Not Your People, with Welltok’s April Gill

As a society, we tend to blame those who are unhealthy – for lack of motivation, willpower, or education. It’s their fault for being sick or obese. But according to Welltok‘s April Gill, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Transcript April Gill: My kids have this saying, “You don’t know my life.” And so,…

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Embracing Confinement

25 years later, Walter Harris will never forget the number assigned to him in prison – 28-89-45. It was here that he formed a relationship with Islam, started to figure out the Bible, and discovered a book that would impact the rest of his life – As a Man Thinketh.   Walter Harris is the…

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Jessica McDonald: Chapter 13 – The Competitive Matrix

Jessica McDonald has become an absolute superstar athlete, both on and off the pitch. She has 19 caps for the US Women’s National Team and has led the North Carolina Courage to 2 NWSL championships. At UNC, she was a member of the 2008 and 2009 NCAA championship teams. But for Jessica, the path hasn’t…

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Playing the comparison game, self-loathing, and the Salled incident: Conversations with Sisters

Courtney and Dana unpack last week’s episode with Maghon Taylor from All She Wrote Notes and talk about playing the comparison game on social media, the shame of feeling stressed out when others have it so much worse, and what happens when your mind is simply too full. If you haven’t listened to the conversation…

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The Fracture Startup Journey: Jumping off a Cliff to Learn to Fly with Abhi Lokesh

Abhi Lokesh started Fracture from his college dorm room at the University of Florida.  As a young entrepreneur, he made a lot of mistakes – in hiring, in marketing, in leadership, and more – but he learned from those mistakes and is now at over 1M Fractures sold! Note: this episode was recorded in July…

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Back in 1995, only 14% of Americans had internet access, and most of that was painfully slow. But Josh Chodniewicz could see the future of ecommerce, and started up, which eventually grew to over 1,000 employees. Now as an investor, Josh has struggled with building a diverse portfolio, having access to deals, and finding…

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Creating diverse workforces, with Barfield Revenue Consulting’s Will Barfield

Companies hire Will Barfield to fill positions with diverse, qualified employees, not only white men like him. He says that, by being intentional in making sure candidates from all backgrounds are considered, his clients have inclusive and effective teams. In this episode, Will and Donald discuss why having these teams—and surrounding yourself with individuals different…

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Searching for Belonging

Growing up in New Orleans in the 1980’s, Walter Harris longed for belonging, and eventually he found it. But his new tribe would lead him to the dark side.   Walter Harris is the lead drummer in one of the most iconic groups in the world – Preservation Hall Jazz Band in New Orleans.  Walter…

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