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Weekend Wine Down 2: Hurricane Florence and the Instagram No-No List

Megan and Jason talk about what a weird week that was because of the Hurricane, and the new seminar Brunch and Learn: Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business, coming October 22nd at The Umstead.  Listen to the episode for a discount code!  As part of that seminar, Megan will share her Instagram…

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28: Inside the Bridal Suite with Makeup Artist Michelle Clark

Makeup Artist and all-around hilarious and amazing person Michelle Clark came on the show today, not so much to talk about makeup – although we get to that in the lightning round – but more so about what goes on in the bridal suite before the wedding. The makeup artist and the hair stylist are…

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Episode 102: People Are the Calling – Philosophy, Phones and More

This episode is loaded with insights as Ryan Vet interviews guest, Amol Nirgudkar. You will hear four core principles Amol has carried to all of his business ventures from being a CPA to owning dental practices to his current role as CEO of PatientPrism. This episode also contains a real phone call between a patient…

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Weekend Wine Down: Cookie Dough, Beer, and What Happened This Week

Happy Weekend!  It was a big week here, and Megan and Jason talked about it.  We had our “Instagram, Millennials, and How to Market Your Wedding Business” seminar, and we’re already planning another one for next month! Give us feedback if you get a chance – what do you think of this format? In addition…

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27: Moms and Daughters Planning a Wedding Together in Peace, with Megan’s Mom

I brought my mom onto my podcast, and you’ll hear all about our arguments from my wedding, which included cake, videography, photography, and invitations. And believe it or not, we both admit that the other one was right! Today’s show is all about how moms and daughters can plan a wedding together in peace. As…

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What is The Dental Experience Podcast?

Coming Fall 2018, an all-new dental podcast focused on creating experiences worth sharing for the practitioner, the team and the patients. In this brief, introductory episode, the big idea of the podcast as introduced with an idea of what you can expect in season 1. Plus, hear one of the many stories that inspired the…

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