Wedding Planner, Coach, Speaker, and Podcaster
About the Author
Megan Gillikin is a veteran wedding planner, podcast host and international speaker dedicated to making life easier for her fellow wedding pros. Her love for mentoring blossomed from her tumultuous entrepreneurship journey: In 2010 Megan purchased her planning business, A Southern Soiree, and revived the struggling brand into one of North Carolina’s most sought-after firms serving a luxury clientele. Between her own experiences and hearing others’ stories first-hand as the host of the Weddings For Real podcast, Megan now offers new wedding planners an easier way to grow their businesses through her education and community membership, The Planner’s Vault. She has captivated audiences with her warm, personable style as a speaker at events like Wedding MBA, Catersource, WIPA, NACE and others. You can find Megan online at, and

How Podcasting Changed My Career

In early 2018, I had never even listened to a podcast. I had no interest—why listen to people talking when there’s music that can pump me up for my run or get me through folding laundry or driving to my next appointment?   But my husband kept telling me I had stories to tell and that…

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