Becoming Your Own Best Friend, with Julia Meder

Julia Meder is an authentic leadership coach based in Germany and graduate of Raleigh Coaching Academy. In this time of COVID-19, Julia noticed that being isolated is similar to the experience of being an expatriate – and it’s not easy. On the episode, Julia talks about her struggles, rising from the ashes like a phoenix, and becoming her own best friend.

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Julia Meder on the Authenticity is Contagious Podcast

Founder of Raleigh Coaching, LLC and Raleigh Coaching Academy, Kathleen O’Grady is a visionary leadership coach and fearless leader. She supports driven individuals and organizations to achieve the impossible. Her ability to act as a catalyst for people to discover, rediscover, and embrace their unique genius is what makes Kathleen one of the most sought-after global executive coaches. She is a two-times past president of the International Coaching Federation Raleigh Chapter, and her work is featured in web articles by the,,, and Her real-world stories, practical tools, and actionable insights help clients step out of their comfort zone to create authentic meaning and purpose in their life and work. By embracing change, Kathleen believes everyone can achieve something extraordinary.

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