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Lessons in Social and Emotional Entrepreneurship, with Kristen Hopkins (Dangers of the Mind)

What is Social Emotional Learning (SEL)? Why is it so important to Kristen Hopkins, who founded both Dangers of the Mind and Kristen Hopkins Global?  And how is she planning to change the world AND become a thriving success?  Find out on the latest episode of the Founder Shares Podcast! Dangers of the Mind Kristen…

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A Deal-Making Magic 8-Ball and Other Surprises: Entrepreneurship and Investing with Robbie Hardy and Fred Hutchison

Robbie Hardy spent decades climbing the corporate ladder and being the only woman in the room. When she decided it was time to go out on her own, she sought the legal and business advice of Fred Hutchison, founder of Hutchison PLLC. Together they helped build CI Technologies, which eventually sold to Seagate – a…

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From NC State to Changing the State of Health Information Networks, with Medicom Technologies’ Malcolm Benitz

Malcolm Benitz and his two co-founders Michael Rosenberg and Chase Ballard, while in the Entrepreneurship program at NC State, found a problem in medical information, and they were determined to fix it. With $5M in Series A and hundreds of clients, five years later, Medicom has made a difference for thousands of patients. Hear from…

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Passion and Perseverance, from Startup to Successful Exit with Bob Freedman, CEO of SimpleAuctionSite

One day Bob Freedman took a chance. He left his big company IT job and went for it. He followed his passion for collectibles and his entrepreneurial dream of building a business. And although the journey wasn’t easy, he eventually had what many startup founders dream of one day – a successful exit.  Find out…

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More Pats on the Back than Punches in the Gut: Entrepreneur Life with Learn Platform’s Karl Rectanus

Welcome to the first episode of the Founder Shares Podcast from Hutchison PLLC! Every day, we work with founders and entrepreneurs as they fight and grind and stress and push to bring their visions to reality. We are inspired by their incredible stories of success, of failure, of reworking and trying again. What’s entrepreneurship like…

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Welcome to the Founder Shares Podcast!

Welcome to the Founder Shares Podcast from Hutchison PLLC, where we share stories of what it’s like to be just crazy enough to meet the challenges of entrepreneurship. Hosted by Hutchison attorney Trevor Schmidt, we are excited to kick-off our first season August 19th with two episodes. At Hutchison, we work with founders and entrepreneurs…

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