Getting to the Green (PGA)

Maria Loza: Golf Ball Engineer

Maria Juliana Loza has made a career of creating, designing, and testing golf balls – to help us golfers hit less houses and water hazards and hit more greens. So what does a golf ball engineer do? And how do they get started in this field? Let’s find out! Transcript Maria Loza: Just if you…

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Dottie Pepper: From LPGA Tour Legend to Broadcaster to Author

Dottie Pepper is an LPGA legend, having won 17 tour events and earning almost $7M on tour. But being a golf pro isn’t as easy as it can appear, and today Dottie shares some of her early struggles with making a living, why mentorship was imperative to her success, and what it was like transitioning…

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Michael Collins: From Comedian to “America’s Caddie”

You know Michael Collins as “America’s Caddie” on his hit ESPN+ series. But what you might not know is how he got his start as a caddie on tour and what life is like carrying the bag on tour. Today, Michael shares his stories and gives advice on how to break into the tour. Transcript…

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