Quacks and Hypochondriacs

Quacks and Hypochondriacs is about being serious about not being serious about health.

17. Water Only Fasting…Sounds Fishy?

Recently on the School of Greatness Podcast by Lewis Howes, Dr Alan Goldhamer touted the benefits of Water-Only Fasting, which he recommends for up to 40 days. Yes, 40 days! It sounds a bit like quackery, so Dr Bill Ferro and Erin O’Hearn discuss. School of Greatness, with guest Dr Alan Goldhamer Visit our sponsor,…

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16. Calcium, Toxins, and Your Cellular Health, with Brunde Broady

Brundy Broady’s life changed forever with the birth of her son, Knute. He was continuously sick and frail, and his symptoms kept getting worse. The doctors couldn’t find anything wrong, but eventually she did. She discovered that substances surrounding Knute – plastic toys, pesticides, and food dyes for example – contain harmful levels of toxins that…

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15. SIBO 101: The root causes of your IBS symptoms with Phoebe Lapine

Phoebe Lapine from Feed Me Phoebe gives us everything you ever wanted to know and more about Small Intenstinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO). SIBO Made Simple Podcast SIBO Made Simple: 90 Healing Recipes and Practical Strategies to Rebalance Your Gut for Good Visit our sponsor, BetrHealth.com, a gut healthy, effortless, food-as-medicine approach to whole person health…

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14. Entrepreneurship: An Epic Adventure Or Crushing Health Hazard?

If you went into entrepreneurship to have flexible hours, you probably found that you don’t have time for anything – and your physical and mental health suffers. So what can you do? Dr Ferro, Caitlin Brauner, Caren DeCesaris, and Jason Gillikin discuss.   Transcript Dr Bill Ferro: Welcome to the Quacks and Hypochondriacs Podcast. I’m…

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13. Harvard’s Mood Food Expert-Dr. Uma Naidoo

Harvard Medical’s Dr. Uma Naidoo literally wrote the book on the science of mood and your microbiome. Find out what foods reduce stress, and which foods will deplete your mental health. Gut Inflammation is Brain Inflammation Transcript Dr Bill Ferro: Okay, welcome to another episode of Quacks and Hypochondriacs. I’m your host, Dr. William Ferro…

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