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How to Balance Aesthetics, Comfort, and Performance in Athletic Footwear

There’s a science and research and technology to Aesthetics, Comfort, and Performance in Athletic Footwear. What fabrics need to be worn? What holds up when you sweat? What looks good and feels good after going through the wash? It’s all pretty fascinating, and my guest today knows all about it. She’s Julisha Joyner Freeman, Footwear…

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A Physician’s Path from Internal Medicine to Plant-Based MD

You know, to be truly great, to be truly memorable, to build a legacy that will live on, you need to stand up for what you believe in. And sometimes that means going against what’s the normal or standard convention. My guest today is one of those people, Dr. Judy Brangman, the Plant-Based MD. She…

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Can Stand-Up Comedy Complement an Engineering Career?

Usually, as people in STEM, we’re traditionally typecast as someone who’s smart but introverted, and maybe a little nerdy – probably not someone who spends their time on stage in the spotlight. So can extroverted creativity coincide with a STEM career? My guest today is Charmaine Christie-Primo who studied Civil Engineering at Concordia University in…

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Does Grad School Make Sense for Me?

I saw an article in the Harvard Business Review called “Should you go to graduate school?”, and they listed out three reasons why it might not make sense to go – you can learn for free, you might be wasting your time, and you will probably go into debt. So I wanted to unpack this…

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Can Technology Replace Creativity?

We’re talking about something that’s been on my mind for a minute – can artificial intelligence replace creativity? Back in 2018, Taryn Southern recorded an album entirely with AI. This wasn’t a gimmick – Taryn was already well known. She had been on American Idol, and her Youtube videos had hundreds of millions of views….

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