The Startup Hats by David Gardner

Hosted ByDavid Gardner

Earfluence has partnered with Venture Capitalist David Gardner to convert his book, "The Startup Hats: Master the Many Roles of the Entrepreneur" into a podcast series and audiobook, sponsored exclusively by Forrest Firm. Here's what executives are saying...

"Practical and entertaining. David states an important principle and then makes it memorable with real examples from his own life as an entrepreneur, advisor, and investor....a must read." - Jon Kraft, co-founder Pandora Radio

"I've worked with David and watched him do his magic with entrepreneurs. He knows what they need to hear and he says it in a way that makes sense to them and is actionable." - Tom Lotrecchiano, co-founder, Canvas on Demand / Cafe Express

"The consistently successful entrepreneurs like David know the importance of these concepts but very few can communicate them as clearly and as effectively as he has done here." - Scott Moody, co-founder, AuthenTec

Chapter 1: The Entrepreneur Hat

“Hard work. Perseverance. Grind. It’s a way of life for entrepreneurs. Startup Hats is one of my favorite books, and in this chapter venture capitalist David Gardner provides invaluable advice to those select few that are hungry and crazy enough to start something.” – James Forrest, CEO of Forrest Firm

David Gardner is a seven-time successful startup entrepreneur who now spends his time advising and investing in early stage companies at his venture capital firm Cofounders Capital. Working with startups ranging from software to breweries, David provides firsthand knowledge of what founders need to know to be successful – how to think critically, master time management, and avoid disastrous mistakes.

The Startup Hats is a production of Earfluence and is sponsored by Forrest Firm.