Creating real connections, Believing in self, and Leaping to your destiny, with Lindsay Williams

According to Lindsay Williams, “People connect with people.  They don’t necessarily connect with products. So if people connect with you, if they trust you and they like you, that lead is warm and easier to close.”  So with limited time and attention, how do you create those real and meaningful connections? Today, Lindsay gives us the blueprint.

Lindsay Williams is the founder of the Wedding Booking Blueprint, and host of the Build that Business Podcast.


Lindsay: I can’t stress this enough, creating connections is the single most powerful way to warm up the lead and basically book more weddings or more services, whatever you offer. people connect with people; they don’t necessarily connect with products. So if people connect with you, if they trust you and they like you, that lead is warm and easier to close. 

Dana: Welcome to Hustle and Gather, a podcast about inspiring the everyday entrepreneur to take the leap. I’m Dana

Courtney: and I’m Courtney. 

Dana: And we are two sisters who have started multiple businesses together. And yes, it is as messy as you think. Because we know that starting a business, isn’t easy. 

Courtney: I mean, we’ve done it four times. And on this show, we talk about the ups and downs of the hustle and the reward at the end of the journey. 

Dana: And we love helping small businesses succeed, whether that is through our venue consulting, speaking, or team training, we love to motivate others to take that big leap. 

Courtney: You could just use our misadventures to normalize the crazy that is being an entrepreneur, because every entrepreneur makes mistakes, 

Dana: but we like to call those unsuccessful attempts around.

Courtney: And we know it’s just part of the process. And today we’re learning from Lindsay Williams, a wedding stationaire and educator based in Niagara Falls, New York. Through personality packed content and out of this world customer service, Lindsay has grown her wedding stationary company from 30,000 to 300,000 in yearly revenue in just five years. As host of the Build that Business Podcast and creator of the Wedding Book Blueprint, she now shares tips, tricks, struggles, and triumphs from her experience building, growing, and scaling a successful wedding business. 

Her goal is to empower wedding professionals, to use their own voice and story, to create meaningful connections, to build a competence, they need to recognize the unique value they bring and to then share it with their customers. Lindsay, welcome to Hustle and Gather. 

Lindsay: Hello, ladies. Hello. Thank you so much for having me on the show. I’m so excited to be here and I’m grateful for the opportunity to come on. I’m a huge fan of you both and the show. So thank you. We’re going to have so much fun today. 

Dana: Yes. They’re so stoked and I love your energy. 

Lindsay: thank you. 

Dana: I need some of that caffeine you have right now. 

Lindsay: I stopped at Starbucks on the way from dropping off my son. So I’m powered up and ready to go. 

Dana: Awesome. Awesome, yes. Well, we would love to hear, just to start off a little bit about your background, kind of what was your previous life before you became an entrepreneur? 

Lindsay: Yeah, so we can totally dive in. So I am Lindsay, as you guys so nicely said an introduction. I’m a mom to our son, Jamison, wife to Ryan. We’re here in Niagara Falls. So I’m also a wedding stationaire and educator, now for wedding pros in the industry. 

So basically how it all started. I’ll rewind back to 2014. I was so incredibly unhappy and my corporate job, I was 24 and on my fourth corporate job, that’s cringe-worthy to say, but I just kept hopping from job to job. I was so unhappy. And then finally it just hit me that I was not going to spend 40 hours of my week completely miserable. So I decided to take the leap and venture into entrepreneurship.

And what I did was I spent about a year working behind the scenes, setting up my portfolio, my website, my pricing. I set up the foundation of my business while I was still at this nine to five, I would do this on nights and weekends. And then when I got to a place where I was ready to put everything I was working on out into the world, I signed up for my first bridal show.

That was my first move into my new business, and I got 12 appointments at that first show. And then I quit my corporate job the next week. So that’s kind of how I took the leap, and it paid off we’ve since scaled our business from 30 K that first year to 300 K in year five. And now I teach other wedding pros to do that. 

Dana: Wow. That’s awesome. That’s a great success for a bridal show. We did not have that much success at a bridal show. I think it’s hard for service-based and people, but that’s awesome. That must have been some great branding and marketing. 

Lindsay: Yeah, well, it actually, it is. Bridal shows are hard. I am actually just launching a program called the Bridal Show Blueprint. So it’s funny you say this, but I’ve seen a lot of wedding pros, the same, same reaction. They struggle at bridal shows and I think you’re totally right. I think service-based is a little bit different.

And with you guys, a venue is different too, because you’ve got to get them right in the beginning. Oh, you got to, you know, meet with people right in the beginning of planning. So there’s a lot of things that go into it. But the main thing that I do before bridal shows is I spend time warming up the lead ahead of time so that by the time people pass my booth at a bridal show, they already know me, like me, trust me. And then they’re ready to schedule an appointment. It kind of eliminates that first step of getting to know. 

Dana: Hmm. That’s a really interesting concept. So what’s well, hold on, let’s pause here for a second. So I want to get a little bit into before we get into like what you’re doing now and like the education side of things. I think this is a really valid question that a lot of people have, especially at corporate, we hear often over and over again, entrepreneurs.

They were just so unhappy in their corporate job and its soul sucking and you know, and I love what you said that you didn’t want to spend 40 hours miserable every week, but could you pinpoint what it was about corporate that made you realize that this job just wasn’t for you?

Lindsay: So that’s an interesting question because I went from job to job to job totally unhappy. And in each situation I found myself with like a nightmare boss or, you know, piling on too much work for one person. And I kept looking for new jobs and I kept quitting and I kept going to the next one to the next one.

And then I finally realized that job for there was one common denominator here, and that was me. And I think, I think I just, I think there’s just different types of people out there and for me, and I think for a lot of us listening to the podcast, for you guys, I think some of us are just meant to be entrepreneurs.

We’re meant to carve our own future. We like the sense of having freedom to choose how we spend our time and what to do. I like the unlimited potential of, you know, you work hard and smart and you can create your own destiny. So I think it was more so me and I realized that after job four, that I was like, all right, maybe it’s not the boss every time.

Maybe I’m just meant to do something different. So that was kind of my turning point, I was like, all right, I’m done. I would cry in my car. I would cry in the shower when I got home. I was like, I’m not doing this anymore.

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