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At North Carolina State University’s Poole College of Management, we’re on a mission to create an innovative and collaborative intellectual environment. By balancing industry and academia, we’re developing and supporting leaders with entrepreneurial mindsets and the skills to solve our world’s problems. On this podcast, we’ll talk with faculty and industry leaders to share how thought leadership can be transformative in all areas of industry. This is how we think and do at NC State.

Cultivating the Entrepreneurial Spirit, with Cindy Eckert and Dean Frank Buckless

On the inaugural episode of the Poole Podcast, Dean Frank Buckless is joined by Cindy Eckert, CEO of The Pink Ceiling and Sprout Pharmaceuticals.

Listen in on how the Poole College of Management at NC State University is cultivating budding entrepreneurs to successfully solve real-world problems, just like Cindy.


Jenny Hammond: Welcome to the Poole Podcast, a Think and Do conversation about the relationship between academics and industry. Each episode, we share research and ideas from inside of the classroom, from our incredible NC state faculty and explore how it’s being translated into practice. I’m your host, Jenny Hammond, chief marketing and communications officer here at Poole college.

Let’s dive in on

On our inaugural episode today, I’m very excited to introduce to superstar guests. Both influencers in their own respective fields. First, it’s my pleasure to introduce the Dean of the Poole college of management: Dr. Frank Buckless. Dean Buckless has been with NC state since 1989, where he was served many roles in the department of accounting, including department chair.

In 2019 Chancellor Woodson appointed him the fifth Dean of the Poole college of management, and I’m proud to have him here and call him Box. Welcome Dean Buckless

Dean Frank Buckless: Thank you, Jen,

Jenny Hammond: Also with us today, an entrepreneur, who you may have seen in Forbes Inc magazine, MSNBC, Vanity fair, The New York times, pretty much everywhere.

She’s built two businesses from scratch and sold them for a combined 1.5 billion. Yes, that’s billion with a B she’s the CEO of sprout pharmaceuticals and the founder of this Pink Ceiling. And we’re super proud to have her on the Poole advisory board. Cindy Eckhart. Welcome to the Poole podcast.

Cindy Eckert: Thank you, Jenny.

I’m on the inaugural. You guys know how I like being first and Dean Buckless always good to spend time with you.

Dean Frank Buckless: Thank you, Cindy. We’re going straight to learn more from you.

Jenny Hammond: Well, let’s get started.

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