DEI for Innovation 3: Leading with diversity, with Frank Pollock

A diverse team makes companies stronger and more productive. In this series, Kurt Merriweather, The Diversity Movement’s VP of Products and Innovation, talks with DEI leaders about how diversity, equity and inclusion can lead to incredible developments in your organization and beyond. In this episode, Kurt talks with Frank Pollock, chief marketing officer from Home Lending Pal, about the importance of DEI in the C-suite.


Kurt Merriweather: Welcome to Winning with Diversity, a podcast to help you learn the strategies to transform your business through diversity, equity, and inclusion. Our focus is on DEI and innovation, where we discuss techniques and approaches to build high-performing teams that operate more effectively and unlock new opportunities for business growth.

I’m your host, Kurt Merriweather, VP of products and innovation at the Diversity Movement. And today we’ll be exploring how we can help companies transform themselves through technology, data-driven insight, and new approaches to DEI. I’m excited to be joined by Frank Polluck, Chief Marketing Officer from Home Lending Pal. Frank has held many marketing leadership roles with household names, such as General Mills and Colgate Palmolive and ABC Disney. He is an active advisor and mentor to startup teams and proud alumnus of UNC and the University of Texas at Austin McCombs school of business. Multi hyphenate there. Frank is. Welcome to the show, Frank. 

Frank Polluck: It’s a pleasure to be here. Always a great time shopping up with you, Kurt. So, looking forward to getting into it. 

Kurt Merriweather: Absolutely.  The question I’d like to start with, is to tell the audience something that they couldn’t find out about you by Googling you.

Frank Polluck: So, they couldn’t find out about me by Googling me. I actually played at six instruments as a child 

Kurt Merriweather:  Which six? 

Frank Polluck: So, the violin, the piano, percussion, the saxophone, the trumpet, and the trombone. 

Kurt Merriweather: Okay. So, I’ve got a few instruments of overlap. I play the piano and play the trumpet as well. So, I’ve only got two of the six. I didn’t quite hit the six, so that’s impressive. 

Frank Polluck: My mother was a music teacher. Her best friend was an operatic soprano and I was in elementary and middle school with Macio Parker’s son. So, we played the saxophone together in the band.

Kurt Merriweather: Okay. Excellent. And, I guess similarly in Dayton, Ohio, where I grew up, I had the pleasure of playing in the band with some folks from Roger Troutman’s family. 

Frank Polluck: Oh, okay. 

Kurt Merriweather:  A brush with some more kinds of things. So didn’t know we had that in common. So just learning more and more points of connection every time we talk.

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