DEI for the Startup Community 2: Culture from the Ground Up, with Jackie Ferguson

How can you build a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture from the ground up?  The Diversity Movement’s Head of Content Jackie Ferguson discusses hiring practices, resume review, and when culture veers in the wrong direction.

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Shelley Willingham:  Welcome to Winning with Diversity, a podcast to help you be the diversity champion in your business. This is episode 2 of our series on Diversity in the Startup Community, where we discuss how founders and investors can think about DEI when they’re just starting out, why it’s so important, and actionable steps you can take right away to set your company on the path to success.

I’m your host, Shelley Willingham, VP of Business Strategy at The Diversity Movement, and with me today is the co-founder and Head of Content at The Diversity Movement, and host of the Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast, Jackie Ferguson.  Hi Jackie!

Jackie Ferguson:  Thank you for having me. 

Shelley Willingham: I’m excited to talk to you. You know, last week we talked to Don. And I think what’s so exciting about having these conversations with you all is that we are in the middle of a startup, right? We’re doing this as we’re trying to teach people how to do it, we’ve done it. And so it’s not like we’ve read about it in a book and we’re trying to tell you what we read.

We’re living this. And so that makes it even better to be able to have these conversations. So,  we’re going to talk about culture culture today. Be in culture, people talk about culture. Culture. Culture is such a buzz word. So let’s start by helping our audience understand why culture is so important.

Jackie Ferguson: Yeah, absolutely. So culture is important because as you think about your recruiting, you want to recruit the best and the brightest, right. Who doesn’t right. It moves the needle for your business. And so in order to recruit the best and brightest who are continually becoming more and more diverse, right?

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