DEI for the Startup Community 3: Marcia Dawood on the Investor’s Role

What’s the role of the investor in building a startup that’s diverse, equitable, and inclusive? Marcia Dawood has invested in over 200 companies, so she has a unique insight into what needs to be done.

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Shelley Willingham: Welcome to Winning with Diversity, a podcast to help you be the diversity champion in your business. This is episode three of our series on DEI for the startup community, where we’re discussing how founders, leaders, and investors can think about DEI when they’re just starting out and why it’s so important. As well as actionable steps you can take right away to sit your company on the path to success. I’m your host, Shelly Willingham, vice president of business strategy at The Diversity Movement. And with me today is Marcia Dawood, angel investor, venture partner at Mindshift Capital, and incoming chair of the board of the Angel Capital Association. Thanks for coming on the show, Marcia. So glad to have you.

Marcia Dawood: Thanks for having me. 

Shelley Willingham: So, Marcia. Let’s just talk a little bit about your background. I know that you’ve invested in over 200 companies, which is amazing. How did you get started as an investor? 

Marcia Dawood: So, it was about 10 years ago. I was asked to go to an angel investing meeting. And I remember asking, like, “What’s angel investing?” I don’t even know what that means. So, but I went and I was just kind of blown away by all of the different types of innovation you get to see as an angel investor. And I got involved in a group, a local group in my community, and started to see some companies that were being developed, really in my own backyard.

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