Diversity and Inclusion in Sports, with PGA of America’s Sandy Cross

With 28,000 PGA professionals and over 2 million jobs in golf, PGA of America Chief People Officer Sandy Cross has a lot in her plate, and as she puts it, a “workforce diversification challenge,” with a workforce that’s “a little bit homogenous, from a demographic perspective.” Sandy recognizes that “we have to evolve the composition of that workforce if they’re going to attract Americans diverse consumer to play the game.”  How will the PGA of America accomplish this?  Tune in to today’s Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast.


Jackie Ferguson: Hi, and welcome to season four of the Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast sponsored by The Diversity Movement. I’m your host, Jackie Ferguson equality advocate and certified diversity executive. On this show, we discuss how diversity, equity and inclusion benefit our workplaces, schools, and communities by sharing the stories, insights, and best practices of game changers, leaders, and glass ceiling breakers that are doing the work to make our world a more understanding, welcoming and supportive place for us all.

Jackie: I’m so excited to welcome Sandy Cross, Chief People Officer for PGA of America, a member of the PGA of America team for 25 years, Sandy’s experience spans licensing and marketing, partnership sales and management, and women’s initiatives. In 2014, she successfully launched the PGA’s diversity and inclusion initiative. Sandy, welcome to Diversity Beyond the Checkbox. I’m so glad to have you today.

Sandy: Thank you, Jackie. It’s great to be here. Thank you for inviting me. 

Jackie: Yes, of course. Sandy, let’s jump into, your career. How did you get started with the PGA? And can you tell us what you’re responsible for as Chief People Officer? 

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