Earfluence Has Acquired Podcast Ally, Launches Podcast Guesting Service

Earfluence is thrilled to announce the acquisition of Podcast Ally, a concierge-level podcast guesting service that has been providing Podcast PR for its clients since 2019.

Earfluence has acquired Podcast Ally

Podcast Ally works with its clients to:
• 📝 Craft the right pitches to podcasts
• 🎙️ Find the most impactful podcasts to guest on
• 🗓️ Book guest appearances
• 🎓 Prep to be the best guest possible
• 📣 Market every podcast guest appearance

In short, Podcast Ally finds the most impactful podcasts for its clients to guest on, and gets them booked.

Founder Brigitte Lyons launched Podcast Ally while in the PR industry, and she discovered podcasts were more effective than other media. According to Lyons, “We started hearing consistently back from our clients, that the kinds of conversations, and the kinds of people who came to them from those conversations with podcasts, was surpassing the other kinds of media interviews that they were lining up. You might put clients on a TV interview where they have a very short segments, and they only have a minute to get their point across a very pithy way. Whereas in a podcast, they might have 30 minutes or an hour to have an in-depth conversation about a topic you’re incredibly passionate about. And so that was meaningful for our clients.

Clients work with Podcast Ally for several reasons including:
• 🚀 Leveraging already existing audiences for brand awareness
• 📢 Pitching a product or service
• 🎤 On-stage speaking reps
• 🤝 Networking with thoughts leaders, potential clients, or potential partners
• 🌐 Building content that can be repurposed for social media, newsletters, blog posts, and more

According to Earfluence CEO Jason Gillikin, “Bringing Podcast Ally into the Earfluence family is a game changer. As a podcast production company, as you can imagine, we get dozens of pitches every week from potential guests and their representatives. Most pitches take the spray-and-pray approach, where we know we got the exact same email hundreds of others received as well. In seeing pitches from Podcast Ally over the years, they were doing things differently. When Brigitte shared that she was looking for a company to take her company to the next level, I jumped at the opportunity.”

Lyons will remain on-board in a consulting role through March. Gillikin will take over as CEO and will lead both the Earfluence and Podcast Ally teams.

For more information, email info@earfluence.com.

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