New Earfluence Podcast Studio at Raleigh Founded

As the Triangle slowly shakes off the cobwebs, gets vaccinated, and people venture back into public spaces, often for the first time in over a year, we are celebrating by teaming up with Raleigh Founded (RF) on a new podcast studio!

Raleigh Founded Earfluence Podcast Studio


For those of you who don’t know, RF, formerly HQ Raleigh, is a local coworking space that is focused on social and economic impact in the Triangle. Founded in 2012 at the Innovate Raleigh Summit, its co-founders are influential entrepreneurs and thought-leaders, and it has been a home and a resource for many early-stage entrepreneurs and businesses, as well as more established companies and organizations. RF now has 4 locations: Gateway at Crabtree, Capital Club, Centennial Campus, and The Warehouse, where the new studio is located.


We are beyond excited to be partnering with RF, as this new studio space will be an asset for both Earfluence clients and RF members, as well as a valuable new resource to the Raleigh community and provide assistance to those looking to break into the world of podcasting.


Here are the details:

  • The Warehouse podcast studio, which is fully equipped with soundproofing and audio and video equipment, will be available for Earfluence podcast clients. That’s right! Earfluence clients will be able to conduct Zoom/Streamyard/Squadcast/Uberconference/Riverside-free interviews (insert praise hands emoji). 
  • In addition, after being trained on the use of the equipment, RF members will be able to reserve the room in order to get free, quality audio for their business and creative endeavors. Need to record something for your website, proposal, or Loom video?  Have you been asked to be on a podcast, but you’re worried about the sound quality?  Simply reserve the room for crystal clear audio!
  • The studio will also be available for rent for clients outside the Earfluence and RF communities. 


Earfluence Podcast Studio

Why Raleigh Founded?

Our decision to partner with Raleigh Founded on a podcast studio was made for many reasons. Having a physical studio allows both our clients the opportunity to interact and network with RF members, plus it’s a place to get away from the very real Zoom fatigue that has seemingly struck us all. 

It allows Earfluence clients to have a choice between recording from the convenience of their home or coming into the studio for a more professional and personal experience. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, it provides a professional space with all the soundproofing and equipment necessary to get pristine crystal-clear audio for Earfluence clients and RF members looking to create podcasts and other audio-based content. 


“There is a whole group of creative entrepreneurs and small business owners who need resources to help their businesses grow as well, especially as we emerge from such a difficult time,” Raleigh Founded’s Executive Director Jess Porta said. “We felt like being able to offer a creative space to support those members of our community was a great first step in better supporting our small businesses and reaching out to some of those communities that we are not already serving.”


As if those weren’t enough reasons to establish a studio, RF is a great resource for all our clients to take advantage of and participate in. Dedicated to social and economic impact in the region, RF has developed a strong, organic startup ecosystem over the past ten years, and it has a commitment to the community and helping entrepreneurs establish themselves and their businesses. 


Said Earfluence CEO Jason Gillikin, “When we spoke with Raleigh Founded about partnering on a podcast studio, it was actually something they’d been thinking about for quite some time.  The creators in the community had been clamoring for a studio to share their stories with quality production value.  I should have known that RF was one step ahead in providing what their members want and giving value to the startup community. I’ve followed their social media, seen their educational content and watched them collaborate with companies they could consider competitors, all in the interest of helping every business grow. They clearly value community over competition, and they believe that the rising tide of the startup ecosystem will lift all boats. We value this better-together philosophy at Earfluence, and we can’t wait to hear what the creatives in this space have to say.



We hope you will join us at our new home base at Raleigh Founded and that you will take advantage of this fantastic opportunity to create professional content in a professional space.

If you have any questions about this partnership or Earfluence in general, please contact the team at




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