Earfluence Services

We produce professional quality podcasts, and we’re damn good at it. But that’s just the start of what we do. Through digital marketing, we amplify your expertise and your podcast community. 

Full-Service Podcast Production

There’s a lot involved in making a quality podcast, such as:

  • ​Episode Conceptualization
  • Pre-Production Conversations and Preparation
  • Guest Outreach and Preparation
  • In-Person Audio Setup and/or
  • Remote Interview Setup
  • Record Audio
  • Coach the Host and Guest
  • Edit Audio to Make it Coherent, Interesting, and Easy to Listen To
  • Background Noise Reduction
  • Compression, Leveling, and Equalization
  • Remove Excessive Filler Words (“Um”, “Like”, “Right?”), Excessive Pauses, and Flubs
  • Intro / Outro Writing and Recording
  • Mix Music
  • Mix Intro / Outro, any Ads, Breaks, or Announcements
  • Show Notes
  • Publish Podcast
  • Social Media Assistance (Pull-Quote Graphics)​
  • Produce Podcast Trailer for Distribution to Other Podcasts

Podcast Creative Display

Even though podcasts are audio, they need to be visually appealing too!

  • Design Custom Podcast Cover Art for Apple Podcasts and other Podcast Platforms
  • Set up Social Media Channels
  • Custom Website

Building an Engaged Community

Here’s where the vocal amplification and expertise in your community comes in!

  • Custom social media strategy session and/or
  • Monthly social media execution
    – Facebook, Instagram, twitter, and LinkedIn content and engagement
  • Quarterly press releases
  • Features on Earfluence.com
  • Outreach for guest spots on other podcasts
  • Custom Feedback Group
Triangle Podcast Production Recording

Media Communication Training

Sometimes, being a good podcast host is about the practice – getting the reps and experience. However, there are ways we can accelerate that process so you can quickly become a quality podcast host. In our Media Communication Training, you will learn:

  • How to Prepare for an Interview
  • How to Listen and Ask the Right Follow-up Questions
  • How to Sound More Professional and Eliminate Filler and Repeat Words
  • How to Amplify and Enunciate to Maintain Listener Interest