Earfluence Services

We build brands one conversation at a time. Whether you’re looking to start your podcast, need help with your podcast, or you want to amplify your expertise through guest appearances on other podcasts, we’re your go-to podcast agency. 

Full-Service Podcast Production

Podcasting is an amazing experience – fun, thrilling, educational.

But we know it can also be overwhelming.

That’s why we take care of everything – pre-production, setup, launch, recording, editing, mixing, transcribing, and marketing the podcast – so YOU can star in your own show.   

What do you mean, ‘take care of everything?’

Raleigh Founded Podcast Studio
Hannah Weisberg and Sara Abernethy at Glasshouse Kitchen RTP

Podcasting from LIVE Events

Live events are back, and we are excited to be podcasting from them!

So why podcast from live events?

  1. Event organizers work so hard for months leading up to the day…and then it’s done. A podcast extends the life and excitement of the event.
  2. Attendees aren’t going to hear every speaker or panelist that they want to
  3. There are so many incredible minds at the same place at the same time. Let’s get them mic’d up!
  4. Marketing material for next year’s event!

Here’s an episode from the SAS Championship Executive Women’s Day event.

Podcast Sponsorship

Host-read ads to get your message to your exact audience without the lift of building your own podcast. 

With dynamic ads, your call-to-action can be delivered on ALL of the podcast’s episodes, from episode 1 to the one that comes out this week.

(Sponsorship availability is limited, and not all podcasts accept ads.)