Nichelle Pace has been producing high level marketing campaigns for 20+ years, pairing her client brands with artists such as The Roots, Sway, LL Cool J, John Legend, and Marlon Wayans. Today Nichelle talks about the challenge and responsibility of being a Black woman in advertising, eliminating the notion of multicultural marketing, and why mentorship is so important to her now.

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Jackie Ferguson: Please welcome Nichelle Pace to the Diversity Beyond the Checkbox podcast. Nichelle has spent the majority of her career building brands, leading innovations in marketing, from print to digital and was an early adopter of multicultural marketing. Nichelle has worked with big brands and bigger names.

Nichelle is the president and principal at Brand Enchanting media and the host of the culture niche podcast. Nichelle, welcome to our show.

Nichelle Pace: Thank you, Jackie. Thanks for having me.

Jackie Ferguson: Of course. Well let’s start our conversation with your background. You’ve been in high-level marketing for two decades and, you know, I’m asking for some name drops here, but can you tell us about some of the interesting people that you’ve worked with over the years?

Nichelle Pace: For sure. At one point in my career, I was doing a lot of integrated marketing that dealt with events, with the space of some of the vice brands, alcohol tobacco almost – oh God, 20 years ago now. So, we got to work with some fantastic artists at that time, including, folks you may see on Jimmy Fallon, like The Roots.

I did a couple of tours with them, LL cool. J did a segment of our tour.  Back then his security guy, Boom, was one of my favorite people to just sit and chat with. another artist, Lyfe Jennings actually sung me a birthday song backstage. And John Legend’s first solo tour.

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