Emergency NP & PA Workforce Podcast Cover Art

Thanks for being our guest on the Emergency NP & PA Workforce Podcast! Please fill out the information below so sharing our collective masterpiece on all the socials is smooth and easy.  And take a look at the technology tips, because we want this to sound quality to match the quality of your expertise!

Emergency NP & PA Workforce Podcast Guest Form

Please provide your name, bio, social handles, headshot, and anything else we need to know!
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    You agree to do a 60-minute, recorded audio and video interview the Emergency Medicine Workforce podcast. Content from this interview may be used on any of Emergency Medicine Workforce's outlets including the podcast, YouTube Channel or other video outlets, books and/or other physical and digital media.
    This interview will be recorded online on Riverside.fm's podcast recording platform. You agree to join the Riverside.fm recording studio at least 5 minutes prior to your set interview time and plan to stay until the end of your interview and recording requirements.
    Riverside.fm's podcast recording platform requires a strong internet connection. You agree to having either a wireless or wired connection with an upload speed faster than 5 Mbps at the time of recording.
    By participating in this podcast interview, you acknowledge that you have read this form and its agreements in its entirety, and you agree with all terms and conditions listed in this form.


The interview will be conducted via  Riverside at this link and will be both VIDEO & AUDIOOf note:

  • This will be primarily an audio podcast, but we will be grabbing some video for social media sharing, so please have a clean background.

  • Please use a computer with a dependable internet connection. If that’s a direct network cable, amazing! If not, quality wifi works too.

  • If you have an external mic and headphones, please use them.

  • If you have a way to record your end of the conversation (on voice memos, voice recorder, audacity), please go for it and we’ll provide you a folder to upload your track. If not, no worries, we got you!

We can’t wait to record with you! We’ll send some prep topics prior to our recording, but in the meantime, check us out and give us a like/follow on instagramFacebook, or LinkedIn.