Ep. 56 – Mind Games with Denise Shull

Our guest today is no other than financial coach extraordinaire Denise Shull. She is the inspiration behind the popular Billions character, Wendy Rhoades (the financial coaching part, anyway), and has run the very popular ReThink Group for the last 17 years. She and her team leverage neuroscience to improve performance and risk-taking in leaders working in trading and investing, sports and entertainment. Most recently Denise has released Intuition Brain Games, a game-based software that elevates your decision-making capabilities through game-based play and engagement. Our conversation focuses on not only Denise’s work, but how it can help you in your career journey. This is a can’t-miss episode!
>> How to improve your intuition.>> Analyze and leverage your emotions for powerful and effective decision making.>> Look at what mistake you keep on making to learn from it and leverage a new path for greater results in your life.

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