Episode 208: Working with Family – The Good, The Bad and The Advice

In this exciting episode of The Dental Podcast, Ryan Vet has three guests on the show simultaneously! This is a first for The Dental Experience Podcast. Heather Colicchio, founder and president of AADOM invites Katie Lee and Michael Cruz on the show. Both Katie and Michael are office managers and their spouse is the dentist. They each share unique stories and perspectives on what it is like to work with family and how to be successful.

AADOM has a special sub-group called the Dental Spouse Business Network (DSBN) that Ryan Vet had the opportunity to speak at earlier this year. This network focuses on tackling life as a “dental family” and how to best work with your spouse.

Please note, this episode was recorded earlier this year and is airing at a later date. The AADOM conference mentioned in the episode has already occurred. Please visit www.AADOMconference.com for details on next year’s exciting line-up.

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