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What does Earfluence do?

Full service B2B podcast production

We Produce podcasts for businesses and brands. We assist at every phase, from podcast concept to marketing your episodes. Through professional planning, recording, editing and publishing, we become your dynamic partners in storytelling. Our goal is to capture the essence of your message, creating episodes that not only resonate but elevate your brand to new heights.

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How does the process start?

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Contact Us and let’s talk about your business, brand, and idea for a podcast. Once the stars align and we realize we’re the perfect match, we’ll present you with a custom proposal . Next, an agreement is made so we can get right to work on a kickoff call where we breathe life into your podcasting dreams!

Does Earfluence offer Video Podcasts?

Yes, Earfluence offers video podcasting

Great Question! We absolutely do. With Youtube and Spotify making significant investments into video podcasting, Earfluence is taking our clients’ podcasts to the next level by producing the highest quality video podcasts. We make recording a breeze in one of our three comfortable studios. Each studio offers a 3-camera set-up. Our amazing team creates excellent image and sound quality.

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What goals should I have for my podcast?

Setting goals for your podcast

We understand that there are 3 main reasons for you to have a podcast and that none of them have to do with being a viral sensation to sell Fan Duel or Better Help ads.

2. Content creation. This is a big one. You consistently feel the pressure to feed the content beast. You need to add content to twitter, instagram profile, instagram reels, instagram stories, TikTok, Linkedin, maybe even Facebook and Threads, Youtube, videos for your website, articles for their website, blog posts, partner articles, newsletters, and more. Podcasting can help with all of that by repurposing the audio, video, and the transcript into so much more.

3. Business development and networking.  Podcasting is the new golf. No one has time to take prospects out on the golf course for 5 hours, but to connect on a podcast? Think about this, if you have a potential client or partner you want to connect with, is it easier to say, “Can I show you a demo of my product?” or “Since you are a thought leader in our industry, we’d love to have you on our podcast. Will you be our guest?”  It’s happened so many times with our clients, that one podcast episode connection leads to profitable business development opportunities.

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Does Earfluence make social media clips?

Yes, we make video clips for social media

Social media is here to stay and is an undeniably important element in any marketing strategy. We are pleased to provide social media clips in various formats for LinkedIn, TikTok, instagram, Reels, Threads, Facebook, and X/Twitter. These clips are a great way to engage your audience and amplify your expertise by staying visible in their feeds. And we can do so with images, video, or audiograms.

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Do you have podcast studios?

Earfluence has 3 full-service studios

We possess three splendid studios, nestled in the heart of downtown Raleigh and Durham. Behold the mesmerizing setup with three cameras and versatile backgrounds, perfect for creating podcasting marvels.

Contact Us today and let us guide you in creating your personal podcast studio setup – a haven where your ideas can take flight!

How much does it cost to work with Earfluence?

What are the costs

Ah, the age-old question – how much does this magic cost? Our services are as diverse as the communities we serve. Whether you desire full service production which can start from the conceptual stage, through production to marketing, or maybe you only require our fantastic audio engineering or post production expertise. We tailor our skills to meet your need.

Therefore the exact costs vary dependent on your unique needs and desires, our clients typically fall into the $2,000-$4,000 per month range. If this aligns with your vision, seize the moment and Contact Us

Together, we’ll create the kind of stories that connect your ideas to the opportunities that align with them!

My goal is to build a podcast to sell ads. Is Earfluence the right fit?

What if my podcast goal is to sell ads

We are glad you asked. Unfortunately, probably not. There’s always a chance your podcast will grow to the point at which you can sell ads, and we’ll be cheering you on the whole way. But unless you are a celebrity it’s highly unlikely to make any real money off of ads.

We produce high quality, dynamic ads for your business in the form of video and audio podcasting, and social media. What ever your call to action – a book launch, a conference your speaking at, or for the new hire you want to attract – but probably not for Simplisafe or Squarespace.

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Working with Earfluence is part of our business strategy. Cee Cee and the team work with us on everything from season themes to procuring guests, to production and marketing. They make being a podcast host seamless. They are talented and business-focused, allowing our podcasts to be a source of education, entertainment and lead generation.

Jackie Ferguson, Co-founder, The Diversity Movement