Finding the right funding: Shani Dowell (Possip) and Jim Flautt (Opportunity Nashville)

When raising capital, sometimes a founder is tempted to take any money because…well, they need it to move the business forward.  But not all investors are the right fit. Today Shani Dowell joins us as she shares her story about how she built Possip from the ground up, then struggled (but ultimately succeeded) in finding investors who provided mentorship, expertise, and capital.

Shani Dowell is the Founder and CEO of Possip, a platform that simplifies feedback between parents, schools and districts.

Jim Flautt is on the Board of Directors at Opportunity Nashville, an advocacy organization focused on improving educational equity in Nashville.

Equity Raise is hosted by Naya Fela Powell, presented by American Underground, sponsored by The Diversity Movement, and produced by Earfluence.

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