Fishbowl Live: Recruiting Diverse Talent, with Bree Sarlati and Lauren McDonald

Jackie Ferguson hosted a live episode of Diversity Beyond the Checkbox on Fishbowl Live, and it was all about how bias in recruiting can start even before your interview process, plus strategies to recruit and retain diverse top talent from recruiting experts Bree Sarlati, CEO of Peak Performers, and Lauren McDonald, CEO of Intuition Co-Op.

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Jackie Ferguson:  Welcome to a special live podcast, hosted by Fishbowl, a platform for professionals to connect and interact with other professionals in their field. Thank you everyone for being here and for giving space for this important conversation. So as our society becomes more diverse, it’s more important than ever to understand strategies, to recruit and retain top talent.

Leveraging the benefits of a diverse workforce include boosts and innovation, productivity, market shares and profitability, but bias and recruiting can start even before your interview process begins. So today we’re talking about inclusive recruiting strategies for any business. I’m your moderator, Jackie Ferguson certified diversity executive co-founder of the Diversity Movement and host of the Diversity Beyond the Checkbox Podcast.

I’m joined by two incredible recruiting experts.  Bree Sarlati CEO of peak performers and Lauren McDonald’s CEO and founder of intuition co-op. Bree and Lauren,, thank you so much for being with me today. 

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