Former Red Hat Chief People Officer DeLisa Alexander on Her Early Adoption of Tilt

DeLisa Alexander joined Red Hat shortly after its IPO and spent over 20 years there, the last 9+ as Chief People Officer and Executive Vice President.  She was also an early adopter of Tilt 365, and today she talks about developing the Red Hat culture and encouraging leaders to step outside their comfort zones.


Voiceover: Welcome to What’s your Tilt?, a podcast series where we’ve invited some of our favorite leaders to share best practices and wisdoms for building a culture where people love to work.

On this show, host Pam Boney, founder and CEO of Tilt 365, a tech startup that offers a new kind of personality assessment and development platform that helps people break out of the box of type and grow more AGILE & generative teams. Tilt won’t confine you to a single, unchanging type. Instead, it identifies your favorite patterns, then maps out a path to develop your other capabilities and character strengths.

Today’s guest is DeLisa Alexander, former Chief People Officer at Red Hat.

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What’s Your Tilt? is hosted by Tilt 365 CEO Pam Boney, and produced by Earfluence.

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