Clubhouse is a new audio-only, ios-only, invite-only social media platform which is still in beta, and yet is absolutely on fire. The Clubhouse experience is like going to a conference and instantly being able to pop into any room where panelists are on stage. And if you’re listening to something that’s interesting and you want to contribute, you can raise your hand and (most of the time) get called up. And if it’s content that’s not so interesting, well, you can leave quietly without the awkwardness of having to walk through a crowd.

Over the past month, the Clubhouse chatter has been getting louder, and we keep getting the same questions from our clients – “How can we use Clubhouse to leverage our podcast?”

Cee Cee Huffman and I discussed this on a recent episode of the Earfluence Podcast, and we came up with 3 ways:

1) Find new guests AND get on other podcasts. It’s all about the true connection. When you’re sending out a cold email or cold DM to a potential guest, you don’t quite have that connection yet and it’s easy for someone to ignore your message. Per Cee Cee, “because Clubhouse is all about that interaction, if you are in these rooms and you raise your hand and you talk and you kind of build a relationship there, you all of a sudden seem like more of a person and less of like a text. So you can build a more meaningful connection that way, and you can have somebody be a guest on your podcast after that. So maybe you’re in a room and you talk and you really hit it off and you say, ‘Hey, I was in your Clubhouse room. I have a podcast. I would really love if you could come and join it. I really liked what you talked about.’ I’m really excited about because it makes the world a lot smaller and makes new guests more attainable.”

2) Follow-up on episodes. Let’s say you’ve published a podcast episode with great guest, and you’ve got all this amazing content, but your listeners have questions about it. You can follow-up to that podcast in Clubhouse. This is a unique opportunity to truly connect with your fans, and all of a sudden, you’re building your base of raving superfans. Also people that aren’t listening to your podcast now might stumble into these rooms, be interested in your content, then go download your podcast.

3) Live interactive podcast episodes recorded on Clubhouse. If you want to create a totally different kind of podcast episode, maybe an Ask Me Anything, you have the opportunity to do that on Clubhouse. Make sure you schedule a room and let your audience know that you’ll be recording – and they have a chance to be on one of your shows! Now be careful, when you press the record button on your iphone, the Clubhouse app screams at you in a big scary red background, “Heads up – Sharing recordings without the speakers’ permission violates the Community Guidelines and will result in suspension. Thx!” So make sure it’s very explicit to all speakers that this is a recording! But if you make it clear and you involve your superfans, you have a fun unique (and easy) episode of your podcast.

With that, Clubhouse is a super powerful tool to help you promote your podcast and build your audience.

Hope to see you there soon!

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Episode Transcript

Jason Gillikin: Welcome to The Earfluence Podcast, which is a podcast about podcasting from a full service podcast production company. I’m your host, Jason Gillikin, CEO of Earfluence, and with me as always is Cee Cee Huffman, social media manager, editor, producer, just in general, doer of all things at Earfluence. Cee Cee, what is happening?

Cee Cee Huffman: Nothing much. It’s the morning, Monday morning. So we’ve never recorded a podcast episode at this time, so I’m just still trying to get my brain going.

Jason Gillikin: Okay, good. Well the reason that we’re recording this is Clubhouse, and it is just so hot right now. And what we want to talk about is how can Clubhouse be used to amplify your podcast?

And I’ve been getting a lot of questions about that lately. One concern about Clubhouse: is Clubhouse gonna affect podcasting negatively? And then two, you know, what can we be doing to help promote our podcast by using Clubhouse? So that’s what we want to talk about today. So first and foremost, what is Clubhouse?

So for those of you who don’t know what it is –

Cee Cee Huffman: Yeah, since it’s invite only.

Jason Gillikin: That’s exactly right. That’s one of the things, it is invite only, it is a new social media platform, and Cee Cee, you’re the social media manager. I am not, I’m not on media platforms as, as you are. And when I, when I heard about Clubhouse being another social media platform, I’m like, “Come on, do we, do we need to do a, another one?”

I, I’m already not very good at keeping up with Instagram, Twitter. I’ve made a hard pass on Pinterest and, and TikTok. But yeah, another social media platform. So yeah, are you able to keep up with all this stuff?

Cee Cee Huffman: I mean, who really is. It seems like, every couple of months, there’s something totally new that we’ve never seen before that we have to figure out how to adjust and adapt to because everybody else loves it.

But I really like Clubhouse because it is a social media platform that you don’t necessarily have to pay attention to all the time. So like Twitter, you have to scroll and read, Facebook you to scroll and read, Instagram you have to scroll and read. TikTok is like, you can maybe let it go and walk away, but then you listen to the same video, like 15 times if you’re not back soon enough, and so that gets kind of annoying.

But the way Clubhouse works is you walk into these rooms, and they can be on any kind of topic. And then there’s just a bunch of people in there talking, and you can, you know, talk with the hosts and listen to what they have to say, so it really is like a live podcast episode.

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For Cee Cee Huffman, I’m Jason Gillikin, and we’ll see you next time on the Earfluence Podcast.

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