How Disability Inclusion Has Built the 321 Coffee Community

Lindsay Wrege is the founder of 321 Coffee, a non-profit coffee shop staffed by individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities.  By employing and empowering baristas and roasters with autism, Down Syndrome, and other developmental challenges, Lindsay has created a unique and powerful community at 321.  Along with Sophie Pacyna, one of the roasters, Lindsay talks about their mission and why all employers should consider disability inclusion.


Jackie Ferguson: Welcome, Lindsay Wrege and Sophie Pacyna to our podcast today. Lindsay is a speaker and entrepreneur starting her company, 321 Coffee in her college dorm room. Sophie is a Barista and Roaster at 321 Coffee. Thank you both for joining me today. Lindsay, can you tell us about 321 Coffee?

Lindsay Wrege: Yeah, absolutely. Jackie, first of all, thank you so much for having both of us. I’m excited to tell you more about what we do with 321. So, 321 Coffee is a coffee shop and roaster that’s really centered around diversity and inclusion.

So we pride ourselves on being an inclusive employer and we have great staff with varying levels of intellectual and developmental abilities. And so, one of the coolest things that I see about 321 is just, we have a very diverse team and we’ve got people with diverse skill sets and values, and just what we’re able to create when all these people come together and work together.

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