How to Balance Aesthetics, Comfort, and Performance in Athletic Footwear

There’s a science and research and technology to Aesthetics, Comfort, and Performance in Athletic Footwear. What fabrics need to be worn? What holds up when you sweat? What looks good and feels good after going through the wash?

It’s all pretty fascinating, and my guest today knows all about it. She’s Julisha Joyner Freeman, Footwear Material Developer at Nike who has been an Apparel Material Developer as well. Julisha grew up in eastern North Carolina, where she had a pretty unique upbringing.

Julisha went on to NC State where she double majored in Polymer and Color Chemistry AND Textile Engineering. Then she stayed at State to get her Masters in Textile Engineering. It was there that she started to get interested in thermodynamics as it related to comfort – and she even got involved in a project to redesign firefighter suits to make them more comfortable. But even with the degrees and experience, it wasn’t easy to find a job in her field.

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