How to be a better leader in a diverse workplace, with Dr Steve Yacovelli, “The Gay Leadership Dude”

Dr Steve Yacovelli, aka “The Gay Leadership Dude”, literally wrote the book on leadership in a diverse workplace – “Pride Leadership: Strategies for the LGBTQ+ Leader to be the King or Queen of Their Jungle“.  Today, Jackie and Steve talk about his experience leading multi-cultural teams on Disney Cruises, the Pulse Massacre and how that brought his hometown Orlando together, and the 5 layers of diversity.

Steve Yacovelli The Gay Leadership Dude


Jackie Ferguson: Everyone. Please welcome, Dr. Steve Yacovelli to our show today. Steve is an author, speaker, consultant, and owner and principal of Top Dog Learning Group; a learning and development and diversity and inclusion consulting firm with a focus on how to be a great leader. Steve, thank you for being here today.

Dr Steve Yacovelli: Thank you so much, Jackie. So happy to be here today.

Jackie Ferguson: Great. Well, Steve, tell us a little about your journey. You didn’t start out as a leadership entrepreneur. How did you get there?

Dr Steve Yacovelli: So, I started my journey in the learning and development space, if you will, actually doing software training of all things. And that’s where I started understanding how humans, especially adults, kind of learn stuff. And, I actually got a master’s degree in educational policy and leadership because I wanted to be a college administrator at one point. That didn’t work. But the cool thing was, it was, it was very “HR-ey.”.

So, I focused on the leadership and work development side, and that’s where I was like, “Wow, this is really cool. I can take some of that training stuff that I learned and now apply to this different subject matter expertise.”

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