How to create a Transgender and Non-Binary inclusive culture, with Jake Rostovsky

In our DEI work, employers say they don’t have access or experience with people from the trans community – so they simply avoid conversations as to not offend. But in doing that, it makes people feel excluded and unwelcomed. So what should companies do?  We asked trans advocate Jake Rostovsky.


Jackie Ferguson: Please join me in welcoming Jake Rostovsky to our show. Jake is a licensed psychotherapist based in Los Angeles and a globally known advocate, thought leader, and facilitator working to bring awareness, inclusion, and empowerment to the transgender and non-binary community.

He has worked with some of the world’s top entertainment, media and educational brands, including NBC Universal, Lion’s Gate, Warner Brothers, Buzzfeed, UCLA, and Kaiser Permanente. Jake, welcome to Diversity Beyond the Checkbox. So good to have you.

Jake Rostovsky: I am really happy to be here. Thank you so much.

Jackie Ferguson: Of course. Well, Jake,  you’re an advocate for the transgender and non-binary community. Let’s start with some definitions for those who are earlier in their diversity journey so that they can know what that means.

Jake Rostovsky: Absolutely. And I love to use a little metaphor.

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