Recording a podcast episode requires more than just sitting down and pressing record, but every host has a different approach. In this episode, Jason and Cee Cee talk about how they prepare for themselves and their guests for an episode and share tricks with you, too!

Earfluence Podcast how to prepare for a podcast

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Jason Gillikin: Well, welcome to the Earfluence Podcast, which is a podcast about podcasting from a podcast production company. I’m Jason Gillikin, CEO of Earfluence, and with me as always is Cee Cee Huffman, social media strategist, content writer, producer editor, and co-host of this podcast. Cee Cee, what’s going on?

Cee Cee Huffman: Hello.

It’s a beautiful Wednesday. The sun is shining. The tweets are flowing. The podcasts are being edited. It’s a great day at Earfluence, for sure.

Jason Gillikin: For sure. You are giddy for another reason, and we’ll get into that later on in the show today. but let’s talk about what’s going on in the podcasting world. So we have got, we’ve got three, four or five new podcasts that are coming out.

Cee Cee Huffman: I know, it’s so exciting.

Jason Gillikin: It really is. Yeah. So like, you know, we started up a podcast, a new podcast last week, another new one started out this week, and yet another brand new podcast is starting up tomorrow. So yeah, Q1 2021 people have realized, “Okay, I need a podcast. Let’s, let’s go ahead and do this.”

Cee Cee Huffman: Yeah, and it’s awesome because it’s like the more podcasts that we bring on the more like topics I get to learn about that I didn’t know anything about before, and it’s always so exciting to get the opportunity to learn something new.

Jason Gillikin: Yeah, for sure. Yep. And you know, some of them are just so different than the others. You know, one of them that we’re, we’re talking to that, that may sign up is, you know, more of a pop culture type podcast and, you know, we’re, we’re doing more entrepreneurial startup stories, which are great, but if we could do a pop culture one, too? Awesome. So yeah, I mean, we celebrate diversity in a lot of different areas, and if we can have diversity of different types of podcasts, too, we’re all for that, obviously.

Cee Cee Huffman: Absolutely.

Jason Gillikin: So, you know, with these new podcasts that we’re putting together, you know, one of the things that I want to talk about today is like, how do you prepare for podcasts?

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