How to sound your best on a podcast, with VO Superhero Bonnie Williams

VO Superhero Bonnie Williams is a professional voiceover artist, so it’s safe to say she knows a thing or two about what can make—or break—a great voice. On this episode, Jason and Cee Cee talk with Bonnie about tips and tricks for the best vocal quality on a podcast recording.

Earfluence Podcast - VO Superhero


Jason Gillikin: Welcome to the Earfluence podcast, which is a podcast about podcasting from a podcast production company. I’m Jason Gillikin, CEO of Earfluence, and with me as always is Cee Cee Huffman, do-er of all things at Earfluence, including making amazing artwork for our shows that are coming up. Cee Cee how’s it going?

Cee Cee Huffman: I’m good. I’m good. Thank you very much. Before this job, I did not really consider myself much of a graphic designer, but that has become a major part about what I do now. So, I appreciate that.

Jason Gillikin: Oh, it was awesome. So I said, “Hey, we need to create artwork for this show, and maybe it could look like this,” and you’re like, “Boom, yeah, I could do that.” And all of a sudden, it looks amazing. So yeah, I appreciate that, and it will be a podcast that would come out early March. So can’t wait to share that, but we’ve got a couple of new ones that have come out recently that boy, I mean, things are happening right now. Like, there’s a couple that I want to talk about.

One is the content on the Quacks and Hypochondriacs podcast. If you’re listening to this and you haven’t listened to Quacks and Hypochondriacs yet, Dr. Bill Farro, Erin O’Hearn, they bring on experts in different fields that are applicable to everybody. And we’ve had on, uh, somebody in skincare talking about what toxins you’re putting on your skin, we’ve had somebody, uh, talking about trauma and big T traumas, little T traumas. We had somebody talking about COVID-19 and the, the relationship between COVID-19 and gut health. It was ridiculous content.

Cee Cee Huffman: Yeah, very cool and very relevant. All of it, very relevant right now for sure.

Jason Gillikin: Oh my gosh. Yeah. Um, and then another one we’ve gotten into higher education.


Cee Cee Huffman: I left higher education just to go back to working in higher education some more.

Jason Gillikin: Yeah. So the NC State Poole College podcast, with Poole College of Management, we just launched their podcast this week with, um, uh, an episode from the Dean of the school, Dean Frank Buckless and Cindy Eckert, the Pink CEO who has had, Cee Cee, two exits for $1.5 billion combined. $1.5 billion.

Cee Cee Huffman: I know when I heard the “B,” I was like, “Oh?”

Jason Gillikin: Yeah.

Cee Cee Huffman: I can’t even fathom that much money. I don’t even know how many zeros that is.

Jason Gillikin: Unbelievable. So, go check out those podcasts. Uh, but today on this show, we’re not talking about our shows. We are talking about how you can sound amazing on your show.

So we have the, the VO superhero, the voiceover superhero with us, and her name is Bonnie Williams. Her branding is spectacular. Uh, really, uh, I wanted to bring her on the show just as an excuse to talk to her, and then I was -earlier this week, I was like, “Cee Cee, what should we talk to Bonnie about?”

And you’re like, “Duh. It’s about how to sound amazing on your podcast.”

Cee Cee Huffman: Right. There are a lot of things that I think people don’t think a lot about, and having done theater and audio journalism in college, like there are so many small things that can make you sound so much better and so many small things that can make you sound so much worse, too, so.

Jason Gillikin: Oh, all right. That’s a good one. All right, so let’s bring Bonnie on.

Hey Bonnie, how are you?

Bonnie Williams: I’m great. How are you?

Jason Gillikin: Great. You can tell I’m really excited to, uh, to talk to you today. Yeah.

Bonnie Williams: I love that introduction. I was like, “Can you just introduce me like that everywhere I go, because that was great.” Thank you.

Jason Gillikin: Yeah. That’s -I can, but that’s your job! You’re the voiceover expert.

Bonnie Williams: Okay. Fine.

Jason Gillikin: We’re just here. Right? We’re just, we’re just making these podcasts and now we need to learn from you, like how can you sound amazing on a podcast because you are the VO superhero,

Cee Cee Huffman: Right. And your microphone right now is so good. I feel like you’re the voice inside my head.

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