The Earfluence Podcast

Hosted ByJason Gillikin

A podcast from a full-service podcast production company on how to make a podcast and other news about podcasting.

How to Start a Podcast, Part 2: Record Drunk, Edit Sober (and Other Preparation Tips)

This week, we are launching our first 4 episodes of the show, and they will be about how to create a podcast. It’s not just about the technical details, although we will be covering that. It’s also about how to conceptualize your show, how to plan everything, how to reach out to guests, how to prep, how to publish, and eventually how to market the podcast so that YOU can reach the right audience.

With the quarantine, you are probably in a situation where you are spending less time commuting, spending less time in meetings, and even spending less time with friends – so now is the time for you to produce. Now is the time for you to start communicating effectively to your team by coming up with that internal podcast. Now is the time for you to create evergreen audio content that can be repurposed on many platforms. Now is the time to have those conversations with leaders in your space who are also stuck at home so you can develop a fruitful relationship.

Now is the time to start a podcast. And in this 4-episode series, we’re going to show you exactly how to do that.

The Earfluence Podcast is a production of Earfluence (who could have guessed?!?) and hosted by Jason Gillikin.