How to Start a Podcast Webinar and Checklist

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast but weren’t sure how? On this video, you’ll get insight into:

* Setting a Goal for Your Podcast
* How to Record and Edit
* Reaching Out to Guests
* Storytelling in Podcasting
* Marketing Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Reach

On the panel are 5 podcasters who have experience hosting, producing, and marketing to amplify their expertise:

* Jason Gillikin, Earfluence CEO and Executive Producer
* Candace Cooper, Host of the Out of My League Podcast and Producer of the upcoming live stream, Guess the Guest – ACC Basketball
* Cee Cee Huffman, Social Media and Content Strategist at Earfluence
* Megan Gillikin, Host of the Weddings for Real Podcast
* Javier Leiva, Host and Producer of the PRETEND and Criminal Conduct Podcasts

And click here for your free HOW TO START A PODCAST Checklist.

Finally, if you’re looking for consulting on your podcast, we’re available to help.

Amplify Your Expertise
About the Author
At Earfluence, we are proud to produce this podcast. We believe in sharing amazing stories, providing knowledge to the world, and celebrating diverse voices. Through podcasting, our clients are amplifying their expertise, expanding their networks, building a content engine, and growing their influence. If you're interested in podcasting, we'd love to hear from you! Schedule your free 15 minute podcast consult today.