How to Start a Podcast Webinar and Checklist

Have you ever thought about starting a podcast but weren’t sure how? On this video, you’ll get insight into:

* Setting a Goal for Your Podcast
* How to Record and Edit
* Reaching Out to Guests
* Storytelling in Podcasting
* Marketing Tips and Tricks to Maximize Your Reach

On the panel are 5 podcasters who have experience hosting, producing, and marketing to amplify their expertise:

* Jason Gillikin, Earfluence CEO and Executive Producer
* Candace Cooper, Host of the Out of My League Podcast and Producer of the upcoming live stream, Guess the Guest – ACC Basketball
* Cee Cee Huffman, Social Media and Content Strategist at Earfluence
* Megan Gillikin, Host of the Weddings for Real Podcast
* Javier Leiva, Host and Producer of the PRETEND and Criminal Conduct Podcasts

And click here for your free HOW TO START A PODCAST Checklist.

Finally, if you’re looking for consulting on your podcast, we’re available to help.