Implementing a Diversity and Inclusion Plan, with D&I Consultant Donald Thompson

We wrap up Season 2 by talking about a topic that all professional leaders need to have knowledge of and take action on if they want employees to be happy, if they want to have the best ideas, and if they want their companies to grow the right way; diversity and inclusion.

Hosted today by Jason Gillikin with guest (and normal host) Donald Thompson is extremely passionate about Diversity and Inclusion. He is the CEO of Walk West, which is the fastest growing marketing agency in North Carolina, but he is also an angel investor involved in several companies in the Triangle area. More importantly for this conversation, he’s a a diversity and inclusion consultant, identifying how companies can start or change their diversity and inclusion initiatives. And he’s working on a diversity and inclusion online course PLUS a podcast which will both by launching in the Spring of 2020.

On the show today, we talk about why it’s so important to him, what inclusivity means, we talk about the diversity you can’t see, and how Don implements D&I in the companies he’s working with.
Hustle Unlimited is (usually) hosted by Walk West CEO, mentor, investor, and hustler himself, Donald Thompson.

Music for this episode provided by Jensen Reed from his song, “You Can’t Stop Me”.

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